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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WI#18 -2.4

Lost 2.4 this week. I used up my 20 left over core points tonight on some treats.. I planned it, counted it and don't even feel guilty! I am continuing with core next week and I am really hoping to say goodbye to the 230's for good. The last 10 pounds have been harder than the first 30! But summer is here and I am determined to make the most of it! DH and I dusted off our bikes the other day and went for a long ride around the neighbourhood.. we only went a few times last summer.. 35 lbs makes a big difference when you are riding a bike.

We are going camping for the long weekend, should be pretty easy to stay OP as we can only eat what I pack and I vow to leave the wine and coolers behind!


Anonymous said...

oooh and interesting point.
that it's almost easier camping as you have to eat what you bring.

*slaps self upside her head*

GOOD IDEA on the wine ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW..2.4! Thats great! I tried WW before too, but got sick of counting. Are you really liking Core or do you think its too restrictive???

Have a great time camping & biking!!! =)

Big Girl said...

I'm totally new to your blog. Not sure how I ended up here.

Conrgrats on all your weight loss, that's awesome.

Have fun camping!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your site and love it! I have lost 18 pounds so far, and just switched to core this week. I, too, am going camping next week. What types of core foods are you preparing?

JanetM97 said...

congrats on the good loss! Nice about the bike riding and camping. have fun! :)

cdndyme said...

Say goodbye to the 230's cause I know you will be in the 220's in no time at all.
Keep up the good work and enjoy the camping!

blendergrl said...

I am making skewers with chicken and veggies, tons of fruit and veggies and using my weekly points for some burger buns, marshmallows and low point coolers (if I can find some!)

Julie said...

WOOHOO!! Great WI!
Have fun camping!

Better Than Coffee said...

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