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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Core - Day 2

My second day on core went well. It is very clear though that this is going to require a lot of preplanning. I am eating so much fruit and veg that I will have to go shopping again tomorrow. The good thing is that I actually have a Saturday off tomorrow (a very rare thing in the world of a retail manager) so I cn go to the fabulous local farmers market tomorrow morning. My DH gets home from his 4 days awa at work at about 9:00am tomorrow. He will sleep until about 3pm so I will spend the day making both our lunches for the week and freezing them. I think I will try some of the great core soup recipes I have found.

Here is the menu from today:

B: oatmeal, skim milk, splenda
S: nectarine
L: lettuce wraps with chicken, cous cous, asperagus, hoisin (delicious!!)
S: plum, pear
D: cous cous, asperagus, salad

Now that I look back on the day there was not much protein.. I think I will have a hard boiled egg as my snack this evening.


Julie said...

You are rocking core!
Yay for you for having a Saturday to yourself. The farmers market sounds fun!

JanetM97 said...

Way to go for planning your meals so well. (I think I remember the need of that for core, too!) I need to work on my planning skills. I'm getting somewhat better, but still not great. Have fun at the market! Sounds perfect. :)