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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I feel STRONG!!!

Today is the day I started the Couch to 5K running program. Week one is walk 90sec jog 60sec (repeat for a total of 30min) The pup and I set out this evening to give it a try. A brisk 5 minute walk for a warmup and then...... I JOGGED!!! The thirty minutes went by pretty quickly and after the first three repetitions the minute of jogging went smoothly. I tried to keep an even pace the whole time and when I was done I was breathing heavy but I was not completely exhausted (like previous attempts). I actually really enjoyed myself, I am still stunned what a difference not lugging those 30 lbs around is making to my energy level. Day 2 will be Wednesday and I am looking forward to it.

Have any of you done this program? Any tips would be welcome!

Sunday Menu:

Fibre One Bar (2)
Apple (1)

Turkey Burger (7)
Baked Doritos (4)

Frozen yogurt (4)

Turkey Burger (7)
Carrot Sticks (0)
Dip (2)

Frozen Yogurt (4)

Points 31/31
Fruit & Veg 6/6
Dairy 4/2
H2O 2L
Activity 30min walk/jog (3ap)


cdndyme said...

good for you. I am sure the puppy is happy about the extra activity too.
I haven't tried it, and can't imagine I will... But I will be a strong supporter of you.

JanetM97 said...

Yeah for the improved jogging! It's amazing how the body actually adapts, eh? You can see a real improvement in a run/walk program- which is cool to see! :)

I actually did something like your workout with my run/walk tonight. I used telephone poles to measure though. It's good for burning more fat (interval training). Usually I run as fast as I can to one telephone pole and then walk to the next. Tonight I just jogged 2 poles and then walked 1. I worked up a pretty good sweat.