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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Menu

So so day today.. again very very busy at work so my eating times were all over the place. This is the list of what I ate.. not really done in a meal format but throughout the day.

Subway 6in turkey (7)
Baked Lays (2)
Fibre on (2)
Dill pickle (0)
Pear/carmel ff frozen yogurt (4)
turkey burger (4)
WW bun (2)
lettuce, tomato, ff cheese, mushrooms, mayo (1)
Baked doritos (4)

points 26/31 (5 to eat before bed)
veggies 4/6 (guess some leftover points will do here)
Dairy 2/2
water 1L (at least .5 to go today)

activity: 30min Wii (1ap)


cdndyme said...

mmm where do you get your turkey burgers from? that sounds great for the summer

blendergrl said...

pc blue menu frozen patties. they are 4 points but really big and filling

JanetM97 said...

I had a turkey sub today, too. A good choice when you find yourself eating lunch at the mall, eh? Nice that you and your dh are doing this together (even if men lose weight faster then us- argh!) :)

cdndyme said...

nice - I will go to Superstore and pick some up. I need WW bread anyhow.

Subway is my savior! I swear... the best "Fast Food" out there.

I wish we had better options out there, it seems like all the people that were doing Health Conscious Foods are dropping it from their menus. Very very sad.
all good, cause it means I eat at home more - probably the most I have eaten at home in 4 years!