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Monday, May 5, 2008

Working out the kinks...

In my back that is... I am feeling much better today. The intense pain in my lower back is almost gone but I am really stiff through my neck and shoulders (probably from sleeping with my legs elevated. This has definitely hurt my exercise routine this week but I have manages to get 6 AP this week - through some very slow swimming (followed by a lot of time in the hot tub) tonight I managed a 30 min walk and am feeling pretty good afterward. My scale obsession shows me that I have a good chance of hitting my 10% goal at WI on Wednesday so I am sucking back water like crazy.. If I get the 26lbs gone on Wednesday it will be 3 weeks earlier than my goal! I am flying to Calgary on Friday to pick up the last of our things (and drive my car back to BC) and that means my husband is finally coming to join me on the Island. I am excited that he will be home, but I hope he has been taking all my warnings to heart about the healthy foods filling the fridge and that I will not be joining him on any DQ runs this summer!!


cdndyme said...

I added you to my list of online buddies. We have started at similar weights (I was 266) and we are fairly local as I am in Vancouver (I'm an Calgarian Refugee too - lol).
Look forward to reading your blogs.
Wendy (aka cdndyme)

Julie said...

Glad to see you are up and moving around.
I have my fingers crossed for you to hit your 10%!!

Erin said...

My hubby is not on the diet train, but if I can stop him from going to the store with me, I can make him eat what I cook if only for dinner. I do pretty well at going to buy groceries solo. I'm excited to see if you make your 10% this week!

blendergrl said...

WI is tomorrow night!