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Thursday, June 12, 2008

So hungry and nothing to eat....

Last night I went to a late aqua jog class (8-9pm) so I had dinner at 5pm so I would not feel sick for my class. The class was a killer ab workout and I stayed for another 30min swim. When I got home I was ravenous!! I only had 4 points left but none of my low point snacks seemed to do the trick. I was craving protein.. like a big juicy steak.. or a greasy burger. Of course my kitchen is clear of all temptations so instead I kept grazing on fruits and veggies and drank a ton of water. I went to bed feeling deprived. I don't get that hungry feeling very often anymore but memories of a late night trip through the drive through were pretty clear last night. I told myself that if I still felt that way in the morning I would use some flex and eat what I was craving. Guess what? When I woke up the craving was gone and I had my usual oatmeal and applesauce. I have had a great OP day today. I think what I have learned is that I need to eat some more protein before an high intensity workout and plan for something more when I am done.

So far I have earned 7 out of my 28 ap goal for this week. Tomorrows plan is for a 60 min walk and 30 min DDR


Anonymous said...

Good idea waiting it out to see if the craving passes. I've been working on doing that as well. Your dinners all look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

I've recently joined the HYC and I've just had a look at your blog. I've found it inspiring reading about how much weight you've lost and how much exercise you've been doing since you started in Feb. It's made me irritated with myself for not having knuckled down sooner...

Anyway, I had a question - what is the WATP DVDs you talk about?!


btw: your photos are lovely

blendergrl said...

Walk Away The Pounds Dvd.. perfect for an at home workout. When I first started this was what I did alot because you can do it in a small space and it is low impact. Now I do my walking outside and reserve the DVDs for a raining afternoon.

My only regret about joining the WW meetings is that I did not do it sooner... really is the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Good luck - I am looking forard to checking out your blog!

Brightcetera said...

If you like them, boiled eggs are good to stop the cravings. Also, a small handful of almonds works for me too. Or...I dump a pouch of tuna on some greens with some fat free dressing.