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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WI#17 +.8 lbs

Tonight I showed my first gain since beginning WW 17 weeks ago. I know all the reasons why... and I know it is such a minor blip my progress.. but it still SUCKS! My WW leader said 'dont let .8 of a pound take away from the 35 you have already lost.. and I woln't but it still SUCKS!

Ok, that feels better. Tomorrow morning I start on the core program, I have filled my fridge with fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and have WW pasta, brown rice and steel cut oats in my pantry. The three things I am most excited about are that I dont have to count skim milk, avacados or salmon. Wish me luck!


JanetM97 said...

1 gain in that long on program is amazing! I will be looking with interest for your feedback on the core plan. I did do it way back when for a week or so. I did notice that I was eating a lot better. Good luck! :)

cdndyme said...

gains are to be expected, so I am glad you are not being hard on yourself.
You have done FABULOUSLY in the last 17 weeks!
Keep us posted on Core. I would love to hear some feedback about the switch.

The Fat Foreigner said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great to see you on Core! I'm a former & successful Flexer, having lost 25 lbs. in 5 months, but I would never go back to it. I resented having to count such healthy & necessary foods like fruit & milk. Core is just so simple & basic, & very easy as well...nothing is denied as you count points for anything non-Core..what better way to treat your body, right? lol.

Looking forward to seeing 'less of you' lol.

Hugs Jacquie (goin'downhill from the Core board)

New2Raw said...

Keep in touch .You will be fine in your weight loss.Hey I was on Weight Watchers & a 1 time gain is nothing....
You know have you tried the Lemon WW yogurt?OMG eat it with fresh blueberries & tell me what u think!

Julie said...

Yeah it sucks but trust me it's to be expected.
I hope you do really well on core, maybe that will motivate me to try it.