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Thursday, July 31, 2008

WI#22 +1lb

All day I tried to make excuses about why I should not go to my weigh in tonight, my DH was coming home and I wanted to spend time with him, it was pouring rain out, I was so tired from working late etc... but the real reason was that I knew I had gained and I knew I deserved the gain. The Thursday evening WI is at 6:30, at 6:10 I was laying in bed still making excuses.. and then my DH said let's go!! So he drove me to the meeting and waited in the car while I faced the music. 1lb... when I lose only one lb I feel ok but wish it was more, when I gain one pound it makes all the old feelings of self doubt pop up. Sometimes this is such a mental game.

Onto brighter things, a great NSV today. I am officially a size 16! I bought some new fall clothes today and the tops and bottoms were 16s or 1x. I am buying only a few pieces (I have to wear the new season product at work) because I hope to be out of the plus sizes completely by the time the winter line arrives.

So as promised to myself here is my eating journal for today.

Strawberry mini wheats (3)
6" Turkey Subway sandwhich (6)
Small bag Baked Lays (3)
Cadbury Thin bar (2)
Portabello mushroom swiss patty - PC blue menu (6)
Burger First hamburger bun (3)
Condiments (1)
Tomato, lettuce, pickle (0)
Snap Peas (1)
Dijon Honey Dressing (1)
Pita chics with cinnamon and sugar (2)
Cool Whip (1)
Pineapple (1)

Points used 30/30
Veggies 7/5
Water 2L
AP - 1earned


butterfly said...

Good for you for going in!!!

Most people don't want to go WI on weeks that they're not so confident. They always tell you to go regardless. Sometimes that little gain is our body's way of telling us to step it up.

The weeks that I have gains are usually followed by significant losses the following week.

Good luck to you!

cdndyme said...

I'm proud of you for being accountable!
It's so easy to live in denial about our bad weeks, but I think they are important to remind us that this is a lifestyle and not just a diet.
We will all gain here and there throughout our years. Accepting those gains and working toward a permanent goal is the truly important part.
You have been doing AMAZING, remember that and keep up the good work. Please don't be too hard on yourself.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your gain. I know it sucks but like you said it's a mental game.
WAY TO GO!!! WOW size 16! That's great.

SeaShore said...

Congrats on the size 16!! That's wonderful!

I don't like going in when I know I'm not going to have a loss, either. I don't think anyone does.

The 1 pound will be gone soon, and will probably take a few of its friends with it!