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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I will have to WI on Thursday night this week instead of tomorrow as I promised my nieces a day at the wave pool. Of course, since I am a scale addict I know that I will probably not show a loss this week, or a maybe a small loss or gain. I have not journalled at all this week and I know that is a big problem for me. I have been making healthy choices but not watching my portion sizes. I have been feeling so good about how far I have come that I find myself losing some of the discipline that has been the key to my success. I am going back to the basics, I will be recording my daily menus here as well as my AP for the week. I have a few special events this week that will be a challenge, and I need to hold my self accountable for staying OP. I WILL reach onederland by Christmas - that is my main goal and I will remain focused on it!

Goals for this week:

Journal 7/7 days
C25K 30min 3/3 days
Swimming 2km 2/2 days
Water 2L 7/7 days
Blog Posts 7/7 days


Irish Mom said...

Awesome goals!! Journaling is so tough for me, but I ma working on it!! Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Journaling really does make a difference. It helps to stop mindless munching! Unfortunately, I totally suck and journalling, and I am really good at mindless munching!!

Sounds like you have so pretty good goals, just keep your eyes on the prize! Good Luck =)

cdndyme said...

After vacation it was hard for me to get back into journaling too.
And I find it pivotal to my success.
I know you can get back on track though.
It's funny how easily "healthy choices" are becoming though. I find myself making them too now, things I would never order/choose I am now picking. I am making sure there are tons of veggies with everything too.
Good luck tomorrow.

the Superheaded Sweetheart said...

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All the best luck and strength for success!