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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Summer Classic - done light!!

Tonight I made my favourite summer meal, with a few changes. The burger was a lean beef burger, carefully measured to be 3 points, a Burger First whole grain bun (still 3 points but really big and really tasty) fat-free cheese slices, fat free mayo, ketchup, tomato and lettuce. Since I don't have a BBQ yet I pulled out the trusty George Foreman grill.

I spritzed the corn cob with Becel spray, added salt and pepper and it was delicious! The iced tea was Crystal Lite with lemon slices.

The whole meal was only 8 points. I figured out how many points this meal would have been the way I made it last summer

Burger 6
Bun 4
Cheese 3
Mayo 2
Corn 1
Butter 2
Iced Tea 2

20 freaking points!!! For pretty much the same meal! These small changes are exactly how this will become a permanent lifestyle change for us.. I don't feel deprived and I feel like I am giving my body the fuel it needs! I would call that a NSV


JanetM97 said...

That's a definite NSV! :) It's true that eating in a healthy way doesn't mean deprivation. I love discovering healthy alternatives and not feeling deprived.

cdndyme said...

I love that you compared the two meals. It makes a HUGE difference when you KNOW what you were putting in your body eh?
I love my George Foreman Grill. I live in an apartment and it has become MANDATORY for this lifestyle change.

Trish said...

That dinner looks yummy! I bet it even tasted better knowing it was so much better than the before meal.

Brightcetera said...

Excellent post showing we can still eat favourite foods with adjustments but no sacrifices.
It looks yummy. I love the becel on my veggies, too.