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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WI#23 -2.2

A good WI this week - I lost the pound I gained last week plus one of its friends. Lessons learned and confirmed this week:

1. I still must track all my food - I can not 'guesstimate' the points I am consuming
2. It is possible to stay OP when unexpected circumstances arise
3. I will still lose if I eat some of my flex points

4. H2O is my friend

Today was another crazy eating day and the diet god's way of testing me yet again. I forgot my lunch so I had to eat out - something I never do on WI day as I try to keep my sodium at a minimum. And right before my WI (at 5:30) I got a call that I had to go back to work as soon as the meeting was over, so no time to have dinner at home, the closest thing was a McDonalds (yikes!) So this is how I did!

cereal with skim milk (4)
Tim Horton's Chili (7)
Tim Horton's WW bun (4)
6 Chicken McNuggets (6.5)
Side salad with low fat Italian dressing (1.5)
Diet Coke (0)

So now I am home, I ate at both Timmie's and McD's and only used 23 points!!! I have 7 points left for an evening snack/meal - I am really hungry so I think I will have a Turkey burger and a salad. I am calling this week a huge mental victory and will continue to set mini goals and track my food here next week. I only have 1.4lbs to my next bling and I am determined to get to 45lbs lost at my WI next week. Thanks for every one's constant encouragement - it is so nice to have all of you going through this with me!


cdndyme said...

I was checking your blog all day today to see how you did this week. I am so glad you stuck to it this week and got a good WI.
You work so hard, you deserve your BLING.
WOW, you are soooo close to 50 pounds.
are you still on core?

blendergrl said...

Thanks! I have been switching back and forth. If I know it will be a week where I am mostly making food at home I will do Core - I think in the long run it will be the plan I will follow for life.

If I am not in complete control of my food preperation I will do flex for the week, calculating points when I am eating out is a sure-fire way to keep me on track. Just looking at the fat content of most restaurant food is enough to stop me from ordering it.

During a week like a just had this website is my saving grace!

cdndyme said...

well that is SO clever!
I am always so on the go that Flex is best for me, but I like how you take from both programs.
And HECK it IS working for you, so enjoy it.

JanetM97 said...

I think that the bling is very, very close! yeah for your good choices! :)

Julie said...

Good for you!
That'a a great WI, keep it up.

Chrissie said...

Wooohooo great WI. You kicked butt!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! I always choose the chicken fajita at McD's - its only 4 points and really fills me up!

Anonymous said...

Great job! That 45 bling is just around the corner!