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Monday, August 4, 2008

Still Fighting... Monday Menu

I had great intentions today.. packed a healthy lunch and had a bowl of cereal before I left for work. Then my mom suprised me by coming to town and wanted to spend my lunch break with me. After work an old friend invited me to visit her and her family at their campsite about a half hour away. I ate my lunch on the way there and said I would call it dinner. Then they had dinner at the campground, and I ate again. When I got home I was so HUNGRY!! So I had a healthy(ish) snack - I have no idea how many points I consumed.. but I am about to find out!

cereal with skim (4)
bran muffin (3)
6" Turkey sub (5)
baked lays (3)
hard boiled egg (2)
apple (1)
carrot sticks (0)
snap peas (1)
apple (1)
whole wheat pasta (4)
pasta sauce (meat) (4)
white tray bun (3)
baked lays (2)
apple dipped in melted chocolate (3)

36 points!! I guess it could have been a lot worse!

Good news is that I had 8 servings of veggies
2 Litres of h2o (and am working on a third before bed)

So I have used 11 of my flex points so far this week but only 2 days left so I think I will be ok. My exercise has been seriously lacking this week. Tomorrow I will hit the pool after work and try to kick start myself back into exercise mode!