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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overslept... postponed WI

I can't believe I missed WI this morning. Usually I go to the Wed night WI but I have to work tonight so I planned on attending the 10am WI this morning. Since it is 10:43 right now, I guess I missed it. The last WI for the week is tomorrow night at 6:30, so I will definitely be there. She is my least favourite of the three leaders but I really need that WI and meeting to gear me up for the next week!

I tried a new recipe today from the Eat Shrink and Be Merry tv show.

It is absolutely delicious. I love Indian food and this version of one of my favourite dishes worked out to only 8 points (including the rice). It was really easy to make - I have made the more traditional version before and it is an all day event.

My DH and I have a little road trip planned for September. We are going to take two weeks and camp at various places in BC where people have told us there are excellent bike trails. In anticipation of this trip we went on a 10k trail ride on Monday. I usually just ride on the street - It is so much harder (and more fun) to be riding on the trails. Lots of AP and a very sore tushy were my rewards!

To all the other Wed weigh-in friends - good luck today and I will post my results tomorrow!


Chrissie said...

Sorry you missed WI. I almost thought I was going to miss my WI later today but it all worked out. I got at 5:30 pm.

JanetM97 said...

I have "no comment" on my Wed wi. lol. Your chicken recipe looks delish.

Cool on the camping/biking trip. We're going away, too, but to a splash place and the mall. Not so much in the exercise dept except for the pool frolicking. ;)

photomama said...

Your trip sounds like it is so much fun. I thought I would say hi from the HYC.

Fattie said...

Hi - you don't know me, but I found you. :) And wanted to let you know I tried the butter chicken recipe and it is SO YUMMY. It's my favorite Indian dish, and this version was so healthy and I didn't have to feel guilty about eating it. Thanks for sharing!