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Monday, August 11, 2008

Weight Watcher In The Woods

We just returned from a five day camping trip. It was a really fun weekend with some old friends who drove out from Calgary. As usual on these trips I had some great OP moments and some not so great moments. The trouble spots can be summed up in two words - VODKA and S'MORES!

I did not really count points for the Saturday and Sunday so I am going to figure it out now and see how much into my flex I went.


turkey sausage (4)
scrambles eggs with mushrooms and cheese (4)
grapes, strawberries and pineapple (2)
campfire pizza (6)
nacho chips, salsa and ff sour cream (5)
grilled chicken breast (4)
baked potato (4)
corn on the cob (with butter) (2)
s'more (3)

total 34 points


scramble with potato and sausage (6)
toast with butter (3)
deli chicken (3)
whole wheat bun (3)
baked scoops with 7 layer dip (5)
grapes and blueberries (2)
steak (4)
potato (3)
salad (1)
s'more (3)
4 ceasers (8)

total points 41

15 of my flex points used, not too bad but my downfall was lack of water - I drank a lot of diet pop so I am feeling very dehydrated today and showing a 2lb gain on the scale. I have already had a litre of water since I got home and will try for a second before going to bed. I still have hope that my WI on Wed will put me at 45lbs lost .

The biggest NSV on the trip (besides feeling relatively in control of my eating) was that one of my friends brought a pair of LuLu Lemon workout pants that she no longer fits to give to me. This friend has lost about 40 lbs in the past year following Tosca Reno's eating clean plan. I just tried on the pants and although a little snug in the belly area, they fit!! I have always passed the Lulu Lemon stores and longingly looked at the lovely things that I thought I could never buy. I have two new rewards for reaching my next goals. Once I hit onederland I am going to buy myself a LuLu Lemon pink hoodie that I have always wanted. My other reward is a pact I made with another friend. When I hit goal he and I are going to go Bungee Jumping in Nanaimo. This is another thing I have always wanted to do but never thought I would feel comfortable attempting at my previous weight!

I hope all had a great weekend as well and now I am off to catch up on all the blogging I have missed since Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

and love your title.
you did really well in a situation Im not sure how one would stick 100% on plan!

happy new pants!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your NSV's! Post a pix of that pink hoodie. You'll have it soon!

butterfly said...

LOL @ Vodka & Smores!!
I had wanted to get a pink Lululemon hoodie as well! I wonder if we have the same one in mind! I've always loved their stuff, unfortunately their biggest size is 12. I'm happy that I can fit into their clothing now, but sad that they're soooo bloody $$$$$.

As much as I love my DC (diet coke), I've kind of tried to stay away from it. There's just so much sodium and my body just loves to retain water. Good luck on a successful week!

Chrissie said...

Sounds like you did great. Wonderful NSV. Keep up the good work!

Kim said...

I just got back myself from a vacation last week and yes the alcohol and sweets were a downfall for me too. A 2 pound weight gain is not bad for being on vacation. You will probably lose it no time and then some! Good luck and keep up the good work!

Irish Mom said...

What is this LuLu Lemon you speak of?!?! Off to google it now!! Congrats!!

Heather said...

Alcohol and sugar are everyone's downfall on vacay. It's pure craziness. But, you did great in the face of what could have been a major set back!

And yeah for new pants!

JanetM97 said...

Sounds like a very fun camping trip- lol! :) Congrats on the lululemon score! The clothes are pricey BUT they last forever and look like new after a gazillion good investment! (plus, oh so cute!)

I'm hoping to pick up something this weekend, maybe, as a reward to surviving (hopefully) the aerobics convention? My gf who is going with me has a gift certificate for the store (so we'll be going for sure). I'll check out your pink hoodie. :)