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Monday, August 18, 2008

I love summer, but....

I really do love the summer. I love the lake, I love wearing flip flops everywhere, I love fresh fruit and produce. My problem lately seems to be those pesky weekend trips/BBQs/visits with friends from far away etc... This weekend my DH and 12 other family and friends went on a murder mystery train ride. The train ride was a blast.. and it was followed by a wine and cheese. Wine! Cheese! Danger Danger Danger!! I had saved 10 of my daily points for this adventure. 3 glasses of wine = 6pts. After 3 glasses of wine I forgot to count points for the appetizers we had. We decided to go to a friends for dessert and then out came the Tequila! Old friends and a bottle of tequila led to a reminiscing drinking came... I am terrible at games so 5 shots in half an hour (10pts!!!!). Final stop was the bar we hung out at in our early 20's two ceasers later (6pts) the memories fade... next thing I know it is the next morning and I am definitely feeling the tequila and my age catching up with me.

OK, lets try and pull out the good points of this situation:

1. I ate very healthy until we got on the train
2. I actually had no cheese at the wine and cheese (but had some chicken wings, and veggies and dip, and a mini quiche)
3. I had caesers instead of rum and coke (Clamato is very low points)

This morning I am seeing an OBSCENE number on the scale. Friday morning the scale was 223 - this morning it was 229. I know I did not gain 6 lbs in 2 days. I seem to be saying this every Monday lately, I will b chugging water and hiding the salt shaker in an attempt to redeem myself for Wednesday's WI.


cdndyme said...

been there done that.
It happens, you had fun, try not to beat yourself up for it.
Clamato may be low in points, but it is HIGH in sodium. Be careful! I do Rum & Diet coke (2ps) lower in sodium and I get 3 drinks for 6 points.
Enjoy the water.... just remember the FUN you had.

blendergrl said...

I know the Clamato has a to to do with the water retention, but at least it counted for a couple of veggie servings :)

I have already shed 3 of the 6 in the past 24 hours so I dont think they will stick!

Chrissie said...

Some times that happens. Great job on pulling out the positive things from the experience. Work hard the next few days and you'll be fine.

Heather said...

The gain is surely that you are retaining water - cause salt and alcohol both will cause that. Just enjoy the fact that you had a good time and be proud of yourself for not jumping off the diet deep end!

JanetM97 said...

sounds like a good time, though! lol. You're sure to get back on track right away. I'm sure the sodium is the culprit, too.