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Friday, August 22, 2008


I had an argument with DH a few days ago and something happened yesterday to bring it back to the top of my mind. On Monday after our bike ride we went grocery shopping. I bought all of the usual healthy foods and all of the food necessary to prepare his meals for the week (he works out of town for 4 days) On the way home he turned into another grocery store near our home and said he had to run in and get something. Before I know it he leaves me in the car and is in the store. When he came out he put the bag in the trunk and didn't want to tell me what he bought. Of course, as soon as we got home I went to check the bag and it was a CARROT CAKE and MOJOS (if you have never seen them they are baked potato wedges fried with a spicy crust). I was pretty annoyed with him, he obviously didn't tell me that he wanted these things so I could not talk him out of them, but also that he would bring them into the house.

I let him gorge himself in private while I stewed in the bedroom. Pretty soon though I started to think about the situation more clearly. I used to eat those kinds of things all the time and would bake him carrot cakes and make homemade deep fried everything! Just because I am choosing not to eat that way anymore does not mean he has too. So I apologized for getting angry and for trying to tell him what he should or should not eat. He was feeling pretty guilty by this time and I could recognize that post-binge disgust that sets in. I left it for a while and later we looked up the NI for what he ate (too obscene to post!!!!!) so he is at least aware of what he put into his body. My DH has lost 50lbs since May... and probably is OP 60% of the time - I need to be 100% OP or I lose nothing (or gain) so we are working on giving each other the support we need while making ourselves happy as individuals.

For my part I am actively looking for a moist delicious low point carrot cake recipe to surprise him with when he comes back home in a few days - anybody know a good one?

I truly don't think my DH is trying to sabotage me, but I do think my friends fiance is sabotaging her. When I went to the gym with her last night we were stretching and I was telling her about the Butter Chicken I made and had for dinner. She told me that she had 2 McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers for dinner1 WTF??? Now, this girl has gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in the past 6 months and eats organic everything. I asked her if she went to McD's. She said her fiance brought them home. She did not ask for them, he just wanted McDonalds and thought she would want some too. They have a 2 year old girl and until she started losing the 'baby weight' 6 months ago she felt terrible about her body and always felt tired. She is so full of confidence and energy now - why would he want her to eat that stuff? Of course he did not shove them down her throat but the smell of a McDonalds cheeseburger is pretty hard for most people to resist. It is not the first time he has done this, plus he often will complain when she wants to go out and exercise that she should stay home with him.... ok I'm getting off topic.. have any of you had or have a saboteur in your weight loss journey? People threatened by your new confidence etc...

Thanks for letting me get that out! On to good news. I went back to the gym today! Yup, two days in a row. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill - walk 90sec run 60sec. Then I did 20 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of stretching. My food was good today as well - lots of veggies and lean protein and I came in at my 30 points exactly. I went to pick up some fruit after the gym and came across a French Kiss Melon. I have never heard of this so I picked one up. It is like a cantaloupe but 100x more sweet. Delicious!!


Anonymous said...

dang this is a tough place to be:
Just because I am choosing not to eat that way anymore does not mean he has too.

Ive been there and you were right with the mcd's scent comment bring irresistible and, for me, it's the SIGHT of the Ben & Jerry pint/spoon combo next to me on the couch :)

hang in there as you nailed it with the making/creating yourself as a happy individual...only then was I a HAPPY PART OF A COUPLE!


Anonymous said...

not sure if you like anything to do with weight watchers or not but I know that you can find a healthy alternative to carrot cake on there. you don't have to join ww to get the recipe just search for it on there. I've eaten it before and it was to die for. Maybe you can find healthy alternatives for trigger foods or foods that hubby can't live without. then everyone wins!

JanetM97 said...

Congrats on your gym trips AND your staying the course inspite of the carrot cake in your house! :) I'll see if I can find a recipe in one of my cooking light books. :)

JanetM97 said...

Here's one that I found that got the highest CL rating. It DOES make a ton of pieces, though- 16! Maybe you could have a party? :)

Felipa said...

My best friend was sabataged...her fiance was a track coach (so he ran alot) but refused to eat unless she would eat with him. At the tune of 280 lbs they called the wedding off and broke up.
As far as the Mc D's goes, sometimes you have to stumble to get back on track. Good Luck and Keep up the good work :o)