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Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Not Easy Eating Green

I was making my lunch for today last night and when it was all assembled I just had to stop and take a picture. I have never eaten so much green food in one meal. I had lettuce wraps with chicken curried cous cous with green peas, grapes, and cauliflower and cucumber with fat free blue cheese dressing.

Despite my advanced preparation today ended up being a weird food day. I was rushed this morning so I grabbed a Curves Bar on my way out the door at 7:30. Of course this did not fill me up s by 11:30 I was really hungry. I ate my lovely green lunch at 11:30 which filled me up nicely. As I mentioned yesterday we had some major technical issues at work, the IT guy was supposed to show up around noon today. I waited and waited and waited... he finally showed up at 5:30pm and tore apart my computers trying to make at least one till work. I was trying to organize everything and make sure none of my employees were stressed out.. by about 7:30 I was feeling light headed and shaky - there is nowhere to get food close to where my store is except the dollar store next door. I went and grabbed a bottle of water and a chocolate bar to get my blood sugar back up. At 10pm the tech and I decided to call it a day with a date for tomorrow morning at 7am to resume trying to rescue the computers. Even with the chocolate bar I had only eaten 15 points for the day. I have just eaten a big bowl of cereal (6 points) and will have another glass of milk to get in a few more points and that will be it for the night.