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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Internal Dialouge


*you should take your swim stuff to work and then go right to the pool after your shift*
*I hate changing back into work clothes after a swim, I'll come home and change first*

*I think I'll just check my email and face book*
*I should eat something before I go swimming*
*I need to let the food digest, think I'll just close my eyes for a minute*
*hmmm I think it is too late to go swimming*
*but I haven't been in so long and I know I will feel good afterward*
*you worked hard today - you deserve to relax*
*but I committed to it on my blog*
*just lie on your blog, they will never know*
*what is the point of a blog if I lie*
*good point, get off your ass and get to the pool*

Menu for today

cereal with skim (4)
apple (1)
snap peas (1)
oreo thinsations (2)
apple (1)
turkey burger patty (5)
bun (3)
condiments (1)
cereal with skim (4)

I still have 8 points left and it is getting late.. I hate eating too late the night before WI so I think I will have some fat free pudding with cut up apple slices and call it a night!

veggies 5
h20 3L
activity 1.5km swim (pool was closing because I procrastinated so long so did not get in the full 2km)


JanetM97 said...

lol on the internal dialogue! I have that same conversation with myself, too- though never about swimming. I'm more about frolicking in water than doing laps. Yeah for you for actually going in the end!

cdndyme said...

Ohhh girl, I have had to have that dialogue way too many times, sadly I often let the lazy twin win the fight (pesky gemini twins).
Glad you went, and doesn't it feel good when you go and get active?
good luck tomorrow

SeaShore said...

Good for you for getting to the pool!

Good luck with your weigh-in today :)

Anonymous said...

Good job for going to the pool anyways. I have so had those talks with my self as well.

Anonymous said...

WOW, your internal dialogue reminds me of my own, except mine sounds more like a mean drill sergeant who won't let up until I get moving.

Great job on overcoming the lazies!! Major NSV!

Pheonix said...

I love it, awesome post! Great blog too! I'll be checkin in! Good luck in your journey, we're all in this together!