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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The good the bad and the ugly...

The good: I saw a few people today who have not seen me in a few months and they were amazed at the changes in my physical appearance. I also tried on some of the new fall line (I manage a clothing store) and am now a size 16 on top and an 18 on the bottom (5 months ago I was a 22/24 on the bottom and 22 on top).

The bad: A last minute change in plans had me out of town for work and I skipped lunch, and am just about to eat dinner now (10:00pm) I had nothing between 10am and 10pm except an unexpected treat (see the ugly!)

The ugly: I was filling in at a store and hour away as they had a sudden death of a sales associate - I went to cover while the staff attended the funeral. As a thank you the store manager gave me a gift. When I opened it in the car I found a box of gourmet chocolates. So, many hours without eating and an hour in the car led to a complete annihilation of my will power and the box of chocolates is now gone... and I feel gross! I don't even like chocolate that much (I am a salty kind of girl) but I had one and that was all it took to kick in my hunger! So I will count them and move on. I am not that hungry now but I am going to have a veggie filled dinner and a big glass of water to get me back on track.

Tomorrow is a new day!


JanetM97 said...

Congrats on your new clothes sizes!! That's where the true feeling of success comes in, eh? and don't sweat the box of chocolates! One mess up in ages of healthy eating is a mere blip on the weight loss radar. I know you will totally get back on track and i wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't even show up in any kind of gain anyway.

way to go on the size decrease!! :)

Anonymous said...

My will power tends to vanish when chocalate is around! But hey, your human, it happens, now just start over again. Don't let it get you down.

You've made some AWESOME accomplishments. Dropping clothing sizes is the true measure of your weight loss! Congrats!!!!