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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Becoming a way of life.

I had a couple pf girlfriends from high school come to visit over the last few days. We went back to the town we grew up in (where all our parents still live) and spent time catching up as life has taken us in all directions of the country. We ate out for every meal at all the places we used to go as teenagers, so point tracking (never mind Core) was difficult. I made pretty good choices, seafood instead of beef, fruit instead of hashbrowns, salad with dressing on the side instead of fries. But, I also indulged in chocolate mousse cake (shared) 2 fried oysters, half an eggs benedict and a couple of drinks in the pub at night. I found myself estimating points and keeping a mental tally druing the day, cutting back for one meal to splurge on another. I feel like this is how this program will work for me in the long run. Yesterday night when I got home I was 230lbs and bloated... I drank a litre of water before bed and this morning I am back down to 225.8 - so I think no long term damage was done.

One of the best moments of the reunion came I picked up one of my dearest friends who I have not seen in two years. I have not mentioned anything about how much I have lost to her. It was dark outside when I drove to her mom's place she gave me a huge huge and then said, 'what happened to the rest of you, holy shit how much weight have you lost!'

This is a picture taken yesterday and it is so nice to feel like I blend in with my friends and not stick out as the 'fat one'.


cdndyme said...

There are going to be these days, and bowing out of spending time with friends will just not be an option so that you can lose weight. The point is to enjoy life! So ENJOY IT! and get back on track after.
You definitely do NOT stick out, I have always been that fat one. My best friend is 130 pounds, imagine us walking down the street together when I was 266.
:-) But we are friends just the same. ~smiles~
glad you had a nice visit with your friends.

Anonymous said...

You look great!! Glad you had a good time. Plus, it goes to show, that you can go out & have a good time, maybe even indulge a bit, but then its right back on plan, no harm, no foul! That is awesome! Dontcha just love getting back together will old girlfriends. Its like magically being transformed into a teen again. FUN!!! =)

Julie said...

Looking good!!
It's fun to fit in with a group instead of being the fat one. Good for you!!

butterfly said...


Congratulations to you! It's ok to indulge a little sometimes. I've learned to not beat myself up over it anymore. I still track what I ate and move on.

What a wonderful feeling it is to completely shock someone with the difference. You must have felt like a million bucks!

Congrats again!