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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WI#27 -1.2lbs

I went to WI this morning and the scale read 221.2. A pretty good loss but I was hoping for more after working my butt off at the gym for the past two weeks. I have been sticking faithfully to the plan so I think it is time to try something to shake things up a bit. This week I am going to eat all of the activity points I earn. I rarely eat my flex points and find that I don't really lose if I eat them, I also never touch my activity points. But, I think with my increase in activity my body is freaking out a bit and holding on to the fat for dear life. I will use my 4 AP everyday with a glass of milk and/or and extra serving of lean protein to try and boost my metabolism a bit.

There are 16 weigh-ins before Christmas so I have to lose at least 1.4lbs each week to make my Onederland goal. Each time I step on the scale I imagine what it will be like the day my weight starts with a 1! Right now it is all the motivation I need to stay OP and keep moving at the gym.

Today my DH and I did the same 5km trail ride that we did a few weeks ago. I can tell my time at the gym is making a difference because I had a good rush of adrenalin after the ride today but was not winded at all. It was actually a really pleasant afternoon.

The scale also moved a bit for DH this week. He has been stalled in his weight loss and finally admitted that he needs to cut out some of the little 'treats' he has during the week. As I have said before he works out of town for four days each week in a little town that has nothing but a convenience store that sells a little of everything, and a Chinese restaurant. So, I prepare all his meals and snacks ahead of time, all portioned out so he doesn't really have to think about it. His shifts are 12-16 hours long so I think sending him with healthy convenient food is the least I can do for how hard he works.

This is a picture of the cooler ready to go for this week. The menu is:

oatmeal with applesauce

fibre one bar and fresh pineapple

turkey chili (with lentils, black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, and tons of veggies)

broccoli, carrots, and snap peas

Indian Butter Chicken, peas, rice

Sun Rype fruit source bar

My DH has a really big sweet tooth and has been adding some cookies, donuts etc.. from the little store to his healthy menu a few times a week. He also has McDonalds on his way back up to work each week (Big Xtra, fries and root beer). Tonight before he left we had dinner here and he said he is going to forgo the McD's and the extra snacks this week to see what kind of loss he can post! I am so glad that he is on board with this and struggling through right along with me. We have been together for 13 years and until 7 months ago he had no idea how much I weighed (oh, I'm sure he had a guess but I would never tell him.) Since I have started this program, and have told him where I am and where I want to be, he has been so supportive.


Amy @ LiveWell said...

I was just reading random blogs -- and I wanted to comment and congratulate you on your commitment to change! Especially the part where you made your husband portion sized containers of food for work! That's dedication and love! Keep up the good work and don't give up!!!

JanetM97 said...

you are a good, good wife! Could you pack my lunch, too? no? Oh well! Still proud of you and am sure you'll make a Christmas onderland, no problem! :D

blendergrl said...

Haha... I can barely pack my own lunch somedays, I guess I really do like him!

Anonymous said...

dont you adore that?
when you surmise people will be one way and they ARE?
there's nothing like a spouses support to make this who thing easier.

Unknown said...

I love your menu! What a great idea and you seem really organized1!

Anonymous said...

Lucky hubby you have! It's always nice to get the support you need. The way your going you'll have no problems seeing One-der-land by christmas =)

cdndyme said...

You're doing awesome!
I often think I look the same too, until I get a glance in the mirror or I am holding up my pants when I walk.
Everyone is saying my face has really changed and one person said my eyes are standing out more now. Go figure...
I am sure you can make your onederlander goal!