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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weigh-in Eve check-in

I have completed my week OP. I earned 24 activity points this week and ate about half of them. I did not dip into my weekly flex at all. I will be weighing in tomorrow morning and don't think the loss will be significant. However I took my measurements today and have lost another inch off my hips and waist even though I have not lost any pounds in the past month. I would love to see the scale start going down again but the fact that my clothes are looser and I can run farther and faster will have to be enough to keep me motivated for now!

Today was leftover day. I turned last nights Sticky Chicky into delicious pita pizzas for lunch. I used BBQ sauce for the base. Added the chopped up chicken, some fresh pineapple, low fat mozzarella and some creamy goat cheese. Felt sinfully good for only 7 points.

Dinner was the leftover meatloaf from the other night, but I did make one of our favourite fall side dishes. Pan fried parsnips (add a bit of butter, orange juice concentrate, splenda brown sugar and salt and pepper.)

I will post tomorrow after the WI!


Anonymous said...

here's to a GOING DOWN WEIGH IN (and the fact Ive never ever eaten a parsnip! is that odd? :))


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

I'm coming to your house for dinners! :) You make some delicious meals!
Congrats on losing inches! That is more important than seeing the number on the scale drop I think! Good luck with your weigh in!