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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great OP Day

It is amazing how good it feels to have an 'on plan' day. For the past few days I have been making excuses as to why I should not exercise, being sloppy with my portion control and not journalling what I am eating. Today was my day off work and I used it to put myself back in a good weightloss head space. I went to an hour aquasize class and then swam an extra km after that (6ap!!) came home had oatmeal with skim milk and applesauce for breakfast. Did a little house work and then took my dog for a half hour walk (2more ap!!). Tuna on flax bread for lunch, and some ff frozen yogurt for snack. Healthy pasta dish for dinner and some fruit for dessert. I also drank 2L of water today.

Why do I let myself get into these slumps when I know how great it feels when I am exercising and eating right?? I need to continue to write about my successes.. you can tell when I am struggling as the posts get further apart!

My best NSV of the day was that I fit into the swim suit that I bout a few weeks ago. My old 22 was starting to get baggy so I bought an 18 that was too small at the time. Well today I tried it on and it fit!!! It is slightly snug so should last me through the summer!!

I am going to post my menu and activity for the rest of the week to keep me on track and honest!


JanetM97 said...

Congrats on your healthy and super active day today! :) I hear you about the mindset thing. Once I'm in that zone, I do ok. It's just getting there...