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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To Eat or Not to Eat

Today was a very stressful one at work. I had 10 hours of pressure and people pulling me in 10 different directions. When you are the boss you have to keep a smile one your face no matter how frustrated you are... at the end of the day I was exhausted, angry and STARVING!! I really wanted to pick up a burger or pizza and head home to drown my sorrows... but... I just could not do it... I still have all my weekly flex points and only 2 days until WI, but I am scared that If I splurge on junk/fast food that it will set off my old pattern of binging. So I dragged myself to the pool for a 1km swim and then went home and ate pasta with veggie filled tomato sauce and a lean turkey burger patty. My snack was an apple cut up with a couple tbsp of chocolate sauce. When I calculated my daily total I realized I had 6 points left, I had tuna on a piece of WW toast. But I am still craving comfort from my old favourite junk foods... so tell me.. is it possible to use your flex points for an unhealthy treat and then get right back OP??


Irish Mom said...

Congratulations on distracting yourself from the temptations, I am not always that strong!! Welcome to Healthy You Challenge!!

Lynn said...

Yes, it is.

My advice, however, is don't do it until you feel comfortable with it, and yourself. Plan. The food will still be there later in the week.

Decide what you want to have, and where you're going to get it. And then wait a few days. If the craving doesn't go away, it's probably not going to.

Last week, I planned and had chocolate ice cream at Cold Stone. And still lost a pound.

You just have to be careful. If possible, go with someone who's supportful. Tell them outright that they're not to 'let' you binge the rest of the day, and then do something with them. Get your junk food, eat it, and then go to the park and walk. Or to a movie (skip the popcorn!).

This gives you someone else to be accountable to, and lets you have a friend around to enjoy your treat with together!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You did great under stress! Your question is a tricky one, but here is my opinion. Yes, you can but don't eat it under stress or when you feel emotional. I can be craving something and have a litte bit(mini personal pizza)and feel satisfied and fill the rest of my day in with healthy things and stay OP, but when I'm in the eating just for the sake of eating or trying to comfort myself it doesn't work. I eat too much, then feel guilty/depressed about it and what ever I was eating to make me feel better about doesn't go away either. It's a vicious cycle. I agree with Lynn. Plan it. Then you can have a treat without over doing it. I now need to learn to heed my own advise LOL!(Sometimes it's harder said than done)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! It's hard not giving in to temptation when you've got a lot on your plate! (No pun intended! LOL!). Keep it up!

Jamie said...

You are doing awesome, the key is to stay motivated and be gentle with yourself. It is so comforting to know that I am not the only person who is going through this challenge!!!!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Anything is possible, I suppose, but to be honest, I think the way you dealt with the stress (swimming!) was far healthier. :) Pats on the back from me!!

Welcome to the HYC!

Holly said...

Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge! Kudos to you for pushing through and getting your workout done and eating healthy, even when you didn't feel like it. Keep it up!!

Martha said...

Hi there and welcome to the Healthy You Challenge:-) As for junk food (I had/have bingeing issues too), I've been thinking of it as poison. It really helps me to stop from taking that first bite...because who knows where I'll end up if I do, you know?

Erin said...

First off welcome to HYC! Second we all have battles, we all slip up, and hopefully we all get back on the wagon. I personally am duct taping myself to it!

You can do this...and we are all here to help!

Felicia said...

Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!

Best wishes!