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Friday, April 11, 2008

Stress Stress and more Stress

I am supposed to be starting ten days of vacation as of today.. but I had at least 10 calls from work today and have to go in tomorrow and sunday to cover for my assistant manager who is sick. I have very recently moved to a small town to take a job transfer.. I know absolutely no one here, except for my staff. My husband is still at our old home two provinces away (for another month) I am so homesick for him, my friends and familiar surroundings. I have been taking these months on my own to start doing things for myself (eg starting weight watchers) and trying to use the time to slow down life and focus on me for once.. I am leaving on Tuesday to visit him and see our friends for a few days and can't wait.. I have only lost 20lbs but I know they will see a difference and will be thrilled for me - I am proud of myself, but having the support of people who love you is so important. Throughout the past two months on WW, starting a new job, moving into a new house etc... my biggest revelation is that I am a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, I have a great husband, family and friends but it is nice to know that I am doing this myself for myself! Sorry for the rambling post.. just trying to get out some thoughts rolling around in my head.

I guess I am not really all alone - this is my precious pooch - she and I are inseperable these day as we are both missing the main man in our lives.. at least we have each other!!


Hanlie said...

I think that the lesson we're all learning on this journey - we're much stronger and more amazing than we ever realized. Have fun with your hubby!

Julie said...

It's good to let stuff out of your head.
I'm sorry to hear you are getting lonely. I too know that feeling and you are right loosing weight for yourself is the right way. However having support around you is extra special.
I love the pooch!! She is cute. I have two that I just love to death!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hanlie, I am finding strength I never knew I had. I'm learning that while weight loss is not a breeze, IT IS Possible! Enjoy your visit! Travel safely!

Anonymous said...

You are doing so great with all the pressure you are under! It does show how strong you are!Your pooch is so sweet! They can be a good substitute for humans at times!Enjoy your down time with hubby and friends!

Ready Maid said...

First of all, welcome to HYC. I hope you'll find, as I have, a new world of famously supportive friends.

Perhaps you'll enjoy watching the video posted today on my blog. Whenever I watch it, stress seems to melt away.