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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scale Obsessed

If there was a 12 step program for scale addiction I would have to join! I weigh myself when I wake up and before I go to bed and usually one or two more times throughout the day. I know the science behind why our weight fluctuates throughout the day/ week but it still messes with my mind. Since my weigh-in I have been 1-2 lbs above each time I step on the scale. I know I have been eating well and OP and I have earned 8 AP in the past 3 days but it is really messing with my head. I need to put the scale away for a few days but I don't think I can resist checking the numbers... my name is Christy and I am a scalaholic!!!!!


Julie said...

Hi Christy! ( said in a AA fashion)
My name is Julie and I am also a scalaholic.
If I could I would bring mine to work to weight myself so I could keep track when not at home. LOL

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I broke my scale addiction when my husband hid it from me for a month at a time and only let me weigh in once a month. It took almost a year but I'm not as obsessed with it anymore.