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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I STS this week. I am pretty much the same weight as I was the beginning of December. I gained a few over the holidays and have lost it but basically I have been playing with the same 4 pounds for three months. I have been OP for the last four weeks but it is just not showing on the scale. Oh well, I shall persevere!

Today was my day off so I tried a few new recipes. For lunch we had Falafel Pitas. Janet from the Crumbling Muffin Top had made these awhile ago and they looked delicious. I was thumbing through the latest Cooking Light magazine and there they were again so I thought I would give

them a try. I also made the tzatziki sauce and this whole plate is only 8 points and really filling.

My DH is a huge Gordon Ramsay fan. We have all his cookbooks and last week acquired his latest called Healthy Appetite. To innagurate the new cookbook I decided to make the Spinach Goat Cheese Souffle. My ramekins are bigger than the ones he recommends so my souffles did not rise over the top - but they were really tasty. Only 5 points for each souffle.

Finally, I was preparing my DH's meals to take out of ton for work and decided to try another ESBM recipe. Glad Thai Dings are flavourful little meatballs with thai coconut peanut sauce. DH does not like ground beef so I made it with ground turkey and they are so so so good! I will defiantly be making these again soon.

I went to a great class at the gym tonight and aquasize last night - My body might not want to give up any weight right now but I will not surrender!


Julie said...

Your food pics always looks so good. I think I might be jealous since I have a hard time boiling water.LOL

Don't worry about your plateau if you keep at it, it's going to change.

Lisa said...

you are doing great!! keep at it, keep building that muscle and when the fat burning engine kicks back into gear you'll be burning rubber!! er..fat...

ok that was corny but yanno;)

added glad tidings to my food plan for the week! thanks!

Anonymous said...

As always your menu's look scrumptious! You are doing amazing... hang in there your plateau will be over soon and you will be on your way down again =)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I hit a plateau for three months as well, losing and gaining...yes the dreaded same four pounds!

I got through it and so shall you, you've done wonderfully and will keep doing so!

JanetM97 said...

Your blog is making me hungry! :) Everything looks so good! Did you guys like the falafels, btw?

The plateau will be over soon. You're looking great! :)

blendergrl said...

falafels were delicious Janet! I am going to make them again this week to take for lunch.

SeaShore said...

Your pictures look so yummy! It sounds like that meatball recipe would be better suited to turkey, than beef. Good call.