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Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions of a cart snooper

I am a grocery cart snooper. I steal glances into other peoples carts as I mull over produce, as I check the expiry date on the dairy products and I casually gawk at the people in front of me in the checkout line. Today I would have been proud to be the victim of a grocery cart snooper!

Last week I made my menu for the week and then purchased all the ingredients I needed. This allowed me to stay OP all week and I did not eat out once! Not even a cup of coffee! So, I thought I would do the same this week. I planned my menu last night and made my list. Here is a picture of my haul (for you other snoopers out there).

Some of my favourite healthy foods are in this picture. A big box of Fax Plus Cereal - one cup is only two points and it is so much tastier that bran flakes and just as high in fibre. I often mix it with some Source yogurt (1 point each) and fruit for breakfast. There is also some fat free evaporated milk, a great way to thicken soups or sauces without adding cream! Fat free instant pudding and 95% fat free Cool Whip is also a favourite treat. These ingredients should give me a weeks worth of delicious pictures for my blogging.

Following my grocery shopping I prepared a couple of new recipes. Dinner was from ESBM (of course) Melancauli Baby. It is a flavourful soup with cauliflower, yams, curry, leeks,rice and swiss cheese. It was filling and delicious - and will make a great lunch tomorrow. Only 3 points for a large bowl.

This evening I made Loaf Potion #9. It is a hearty loaf with carrot, zucchini, walnuts, orange and cranberries (I also added some chocolate chips at DH's request). Yummy warm from the oven, but even better the next day.
My great OP week resulted in a 2.6 lb loss.. ahhhh so good to be headed in the right direction again!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the planning, your meals are looking yummy, and congratulations on that great weight loss!!

JanetM97 said...

Wow! Great work on the pre-planning! I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions, but the preplanning of food SHOULD have been mine! Thanks for the motivation (I'm gonna TRY) and for the sharing of your grocery cart for snooping. :)

and your food looks great! (and congrats on the loss!)

Carleen said...

I'm a cart snooper myself!!! loved the pics.... your quite the cook :) congrats on your loss this week!! have a good week this wee!