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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures in Exercising...

So as promised to myself (and all my blog buddies) I went to a step class at the gym after work tonight. Woohoo what a great workout! 40 minutes of all out cardio and then 20 minutes of work with hand weights and ab strength training. It was a lot of fun and trying to keep up with the sequences made the time go by really quickly. I think this will become another regular class for me. I still want to try a spin class but they don't have any evening ones. I will try to drag myself out of bed one morning next week to do the 6:30 am one (I hope writing it here will make me follow through).

I want to thank everyone who has commented on my entries over the past week. I appreciate the good wishes and am amazed that a couple of you actually said that I inspire them. I remember when I started this blog last February. I was looking for motivation and hope that I could do this. I found a lot of inspiration from different blogs, and that is what prompted me to start my own.

This forum to talk about all the tedius details of my new lifestyle has been a huge part in my success. A place you can be completely honest about the good an bad is an valuable tool in this struggle. From listing out my daily menus to chatting about my new food experiments - I can't imagine doing this without my blog. So thank you for reading, commenting, and comiserating with me.

Today's exciting menu:

flax plus (2)
yogurt (1)
fiber one bar (2)
snap peas (1)
mini turkey burger (4)
yogurt (1)
cashews (2)
one bar (2)
tuna sandwich (6)
mashed fauxtatoes (4)
chocolate pudding (3)

Day 13 OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

i am definitely in the "inspired" group!!

and yay for you and the class!!


JanetM97 said...

Blogging and reading other people's blogs (like your inspiring one!) definitely helps keep my on track, too. :)

I also had a non-loss week, but I know that I'm making better choices and moving more. The scale is not always the best indicator of how we're doing (what with weight flux and all). I am REALLY impressed by all your varied exercise this week!

Way. to. go! :) (Plus, I'm glad you like step- seeing how that's my personal favourite, too. lol.)

Carleen said...

WOO WOO great job on the class... and congrats to 13 days OP... I need to 'clean' myself up OP very soon.. I cheat ALOT..
anyways hope your excitement from the class continues-- all the best :)