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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 1 back OP

Ahhhh one day down... so many more to go. I came home from vacation yesterday and even though I was pretty well behaved I gained 4 pounds over the past two weeks. I am getting tired of yo-yo in between 208-214 so as of today I am back to doing what I know works. Tracking my food and regular exercise. I made a menu plan for this week and bought all the groceries I need to make these healthy meals and snacks.

DH goes back to work tomorrow so I will be on my own for the next four days. I love him to death but I am looking forward to having some time on my own after him being home for three weeks straight. He is a great cook and, even though he is trying to cook healthier, sometimes his creations are not exactly WW friendly.

I did not WI officially this week but will resume going to meetings this week (after missing the last 4!) Sitting through the meetings always help motivate me a lot.

Todays menu:

banana (2)
mocha fibre one bar (2)
yogurt (1)
salad with lf dressing (3)
blood orange (1)
two turkey tacos (9)
mango sherbert (2)
light hot chocolate (2)
trail mix (3)

3 points left for the day but I have been cooking DHs meals for the week to send with him so I have been tasting here and there - so I think I am done for the night.

I can't wait to regain the feeling of control and all the energy I have after a few straight days of eating well and exercising.


Anonymous said...

I gained 5 over the holidays but lost 4.4 after being back on plan for 10 days. So you should be able to get back on track quickly. (Those vacations are tough, aren't they?!)

Good Luck!!

SeaShore said...

Welcome home! The 4 lbs will be gone soon.

JanetM97 said...

Welcome home! You did great away, all things considering! and I'm sure you'll drop those tiny vacation pounds in no time. :)

I, too, am back to tracking and exercise. I plan to do somekind of exercise inside today. Maybe a video? It's just too cold outside. :P

Kari@Onederland said...

Glad your headed back to the meetings as why wouldn't you if you know that helps! I hear you on the husband husband tries too but he doesn't exactly make the healthiest of meals either. lol.
Just think how great you'll feel when your back into the swing of things.