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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am about to turn in for the night, after a great day 12 op! I went to the gym for the third day in a row and after 20 min on the treadmill I did a 60 minute flow yoga class. I loved it!! It was much easier than the hellish Bikram Yoga I tired last month (sorry to the Bikram lovers out there). This class was tough but I felt really relaxed afterwards and it was a great way to unwind after work. I think this will be a regular Tuesday night workout for me.

The scale is not being very kind to me this week, but I know how hard I have been working and how well I have been eating. I am sure that one of these days I will wake up to a great weight loss - after 11 months of this I have finally accepted that my body loses at its own pace, if I treat it well eventually it will do what I want!

Here is today's menu:

1 cup flax plus (2)
yogurt (2)
banana (2)
fibre one bar (2)
orange (1)
spaghetti and sauce (8)
cauliflower (0)
yogurt (1)
melancauli soup (4)
salad with lf dressing (2)
banana muffin (4)


Martha said...

12 days OP, WTG!! Keep up the great work, it's so encouraging for me and others to read your enthusiastic words!

Anonymous said...

you are doing awesome!! Keep it up girl

Anonymous said...

Your are kicking ass chicky!! Good for you. I agree, stick to the plan and do right by your body and when it's ready you will see great results! Your recipes all look so Yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your site. You look amazing. Keep up the great work! Spin ia always a great cardio workout.

Diana Swallow said...

You're doing great. The scale is only one measure of progress, don't ever forget that beautiful!