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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Checking in from Az

DH and I are in the middle of our vaction to Arizona. We are having a great time, the weather has been nice and the drive down was pretty uneventful (considering the crazy weather the west coast has been having).

I have done very well staying OP. It helps that my mom and dad (who we are staying with) are also doing WW so their fridge is full of healthy food. I packed a cooler for the drive down and our only food stops were for dinner at subway and a splurge at Jack in the Box.

I have been having fun trying out and collecting all the WW friendly food that we can not buy in Canada. We will be coming home with a few months supply of 100 cal Swiss rolls, Oreo Cakesters, Chocolate covered pretzels, apple struesel fibre one bars, and many more. I also have discovered the delicious WW 1pt yogurts (anyone know if there are available in Canada yet?) and tons of Crystal lite flavours we dont have yet.

I have gone jogging twice, DH and I have taken a couple of power walks and we went swimming last night. Between that and the touristy activities, I feel pretty good about my acivity level. I am going to enjoy the rest of my vacation and I am looking forward to getting home and starting off this new year.... and getting back into my regular routine.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! You and the husband look great!!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation and keep up the good work!

JanetM97 said...

Sounds like you are kicking off 2009 in an amazing healthy fashion.
Very lucky that your mom and dad are doing ww, too, btw! You guys can compare ww notes, too- for ideas, eh? Like your own little ww meeting you never have to leave the house for. :)

I love looking for new snacks in the US- as you probably already know from my numerous posts on them. ;)

Kari@Onederland said...

sounds like you and the husband are having a great time together and have done really well incorporating activity into your vacation! Great Job! I love your new pic on the side, you are lookin great!!!

Heather said...

You look simply amazing. Congrats!

SeaShore said...

No, the WW yogurts aren't in Canada yet :( At least, I haven't seen them in NS.

Have a good trip, enjoy the good weather!

skinny me! said...

I think I've seen the choc covered pretzels in Canada now!!! woo hoo. Why can't we get all the fun things the states gets :(