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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Commitment has been on my mind today. I am committed to getting healthy and continuing to lose this weight and to maintain this new lifestyle. My commitment issue is with the gym. I had a trial gym pass from August - November and I made good use of it - it is a really nice gym with good equipment and lots of different classes included. My issue is that I get bored easily and signing up for a two year gym membership (way way cheaper than month by month) makes me a little scared that I will begin to feel like I HAVE to go rather than WANT to go.

I toyed with this all day and then realized that I have been missing the gym (and so is my body) so I bought the bullet and signed up for the 2 year gym pass. I promise myself (and those in blogland) that I will not become one of those people who pays for the gym every month but never goes. Hold me to that promise please!!!

I am going to start trying the various classes they offer, one a week for now until I figure out which ones I like best. I am also excited to resume my weight training and try to tighten up some of the loose skin on my arms.

No new recipe for tonight but I did take a picture of the delicious salmon sandwich I made from the leftover 'Salmon Cowell' I made the other night. Yum yum. Here it is and my menu for the day (day 6 op!!!!!!!)

banana (2)
yogurt (1)
fiber one bar (2)
orange (1)
salmon (4)
darth tater (4)
fiber one bar (2)
salmon sandwich (5)
salad (1)
applesauce (4)
ww cookie (1)
pita chips (2)
salsa and ff sour cream (1)

I was two points over my daily allowance - but earned 2 AP with my DDR (I think I am addicted)


Julie said...

Don't be like me... Stop paying and not going.
Try some classes maybe you will fall in love with one of them.

I too love my DDR. I paid for a 14 mth membership at the gym, and have not gone in over a month.Most nights now I would rather stay home and dance.
I am gonna try to go to the gym more often.

Lisa said...

wow! that's a fabulous commitment! and finding different classes to go to will keep it interesting!


JanetM97 said...

Yeah for your 2 yr membership! I'm sure you'll make lots of good use of it. :)

Your new recipes look good,too. I had to go to Chapters today and I saw Looney Spoons and thought of you. :D (I'm going to have to find my copies of their books- somewhere in my recipe book stash- you're making everything look so good!)