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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures in Exercising...

So as promised to myself (and all my blog buddies) I went to a step class at the gym after work tonight. Woohoo what a great workout! 40 minutes of all out cardio and then 20 minutes of work with hand weights and ab strength training. It was a lot of fun and trying to keep up with the sequences made the time go by really quickly. I think this will become another regular class for me. I still want to try a spin class but they don't have any evening ones. I will try to drag myself out of bed one morning next week to do the 6:30 am one (I hope writing it here will make me follow through).

I want to thank everyone who has commented on my entries over the past week. I appreciate the good wishes and am amazed that a couple of you actually said that I inspire them. I remember when I started this blog last February. I was looking for motivation and hope that I could do this. I found a lot of inspiration from different blogs, and that is what prompted me to start my own.

This forum to talk about all the tedius details of my new lifestyle has been a huge part in my success. A place you can be completely honest about the good an bad is an valuable tool in this struggle. From listing out my daily menus to chatting about my new food experiments - I can't imagine doing this without my blog. So thank you for reading, commenting, and comiserating with me.

Today's exciting menu:

flax plus (2)
yogurt (1)
fiber one bar (2)
snap peas (1)
mini turkey burger (4)
yogurt (1)
cashews (2)
one bar (2)
tuna sandwich (6)
mashed fauxtatoes (4)
chocolate pudding (3)

Day 13 OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I get knocked down... but I get up again!

So I went to my first WW meeting tonight since Christmas (yikes!!) and I had a 2lb (completely undeserved) gain. Seriously, I have been perfectly on plan for the last 12 days and I earned 19 ap last week. I did nothing to warrent a 2lb gain... sigh.

My internal dialouge started immediately. My irrational side was telling me that I have lost as much weight as my body will allow and I should be happy where I am. It was telling me that working out so hard and tracking my food was a waste of time. Then my irrational side convinced me to eat an entire bag of baked chips (12 points!!!!). As I was finising the crumbs at the bottom of the bag my rational side finally chimed in!

I know that my hard work will show up on the scale eventually. I know that the number on the scale can be affected by all sorts of things. I know that exercise and eating well benefits me in more ways that just weight loss. I know that I will not be 212lbs forever.. I will reach my goal this year!

So I counted the chips as flex points, dragged myself off the couch and popped in my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD. Yowwwzzaaa what a workout. It is only 20 minutes (not including the warmup) but I was sweating like crazy and 3 hours later I am beginning to feel it in my quads and that familiar tightening of the ribs from all the ab work. I think I will be in pain tomorrow. She promises some amazing results if you follow this program for 30 days - I think I will give it my best shot.

I have been all over the place with my exercise this week. For me it is all about variety - I get bored easily (which is why commiting to the gym was a big step). This week I earned my AP in the form of Dancing, Wii Fit, an aerobics class, treadmill program, stationary bike, univeral weights, yoga class and the crazy Jillian DVD. Tomorrow, after work, I am going to try a step class at the gym. I love love love the step program on my Wii fit so I hope I will like the class as much (of course I will let you all know!)

Technically I was still OP today as I used some of the flex points and AP that I had not touched all week to have my mini-binge on the baked chips. Here was my menu:

Mango smoothie (7)
yogurt (1)
fibre one bar (2)
orange (1)
snap peas and cauliflower (1)
baked old dutch dill picke chips (12)
turkey burgers (4)
buns and condiments (5)
yogurt (1)

So 12 days OP and a promise that better choices will be made tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am about to turn in for the night, after a great day 12 op! I went to the gym for the third day in a row and after 20 min on the treadmill I did a 60 minute flow yoga class. I loved it!! It was much easier than the hellish Bikram Yoga I tired last month (sorry to the Bikram lovers out there). This class was tough but I felt really relaxed afterwards and it was a great way to unwind after work. I think this will be a regular Tuesday night workout for me.

The scale is not being very kind to me this week, but I know how hard I have been working and how well I have been eating. I am sure that one of these days I will wake up to a great weight loss - after 11 months of this I have finally accepted that my body loses at its own pace, if I treat it well eventually it will do what I want!

Here is today's menu:

1 cup flax plus (2)
yogurt (2)
banana (2)
fibre one bar (2)
orange (1)
spaghetti and sauce (8)
cauliflower (0)
yogurt (1)
melancauli soup (4)
salad with lf dressing (2)
banana muffin (4)

Monday, January 26, 2009

HYC - check in

I have now completed 11 days in a row on plan and I am feeling good. I have not eaten out at all during those 11 days and I earned lots of activity points with my dance dance revolution last week. I finally crawled my way back into the gym yesterday and had a pretty good workout. Tonight, after work I went to one of the classes the gym offers called 'New Body'. It was a mix of aerobics, weights, and strength training. The class was 60 minutes and I really enjoyed it. I was sweating like crazy (but not like Hot Yoga!!) but was not completely exhausted afterwards. I am going to try and hit up a spin class this week as well and see how I like that.

I only took pictures of one new recipe from the weekend and it was 'More than Meatza Pie' - from ESBM again. This was a really weird recipe - kind of like pizza but the crust is made from lean ground beef and sausage. It was pretty good, but I am just not that much of a meat eater. A quarter of the pie was 8 points. I think that kids would really like this one as you can add whatever toppings you like.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions of a cart snooper

I am a grocery cart snooper. I steal glances into other peoples carts as I mull over produce, as I check the expiry date on the dairy products and I casually gawk at the people in front of me in the checkout line. Today I would have been proud to be the victim of a grocery cart snooper!

Last week I made my menu for the week and then purchased all the ingredients I needed. This allowed me to stay OP all week and I did not eat out once! Not even a cup of coffee! So, I thought I would do the same this week. I planned my menu last night and made my list. Here is a picture of my haul (for you other snoopers out there).

Some of my favourite healthy foods are in this picture. A big box of Fax Plus Cereal - one cup is only two points and it is so much tastier that bran flakes and just as high in fibre. I often mix it with some Source yogurt (1 point each) and fruit for breakfast. There is also some fat free evaporated milk, a great way to thicken soups or sauces without adding cream! Fat free instant pudding and 95% fat free Cool Whip is also a favourite treat. These ingredients should give me a weeks worth of delicious pictures for my blogging.

Following my grocery shopping I prepared a couple of new recipes. Dinner was from ESBM (of course) Melancauli Baby. It is a flavourful soup with cauliflower, yams, curry, leeks,rice and swiss cheese. It was filling and delicious - and will make a great lunch tomorrow. Only 3 points for a large bowl.

This evening I made Loaf Potion #9. It is a hearty loaf with carrot, zucchini, walnuts, orange and cranberries (I also added some chocolate chips at DH's request). Yummy warm from the oven, but even better the next day.
My great OP week resulted in a 2.6 lb loss.. ahhhh so good to be headed in the right direction again!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Commitment has been on my mind today. I am committed to getting healthy and continuing to lose this weight and to maintain this new lifestyle. My commitment issue is with the gym. I had a trial gym pass from August - November and I made good use of it - it is a really nice gym with good equipment and lots of different classes included. My issue is that I get bored easily and signing up for a two year gym membership (way way cheaper than month by month) makes me a little scared that I will begin to feel like I HAVE to go rather than WANT to go.

I toyed with this all day and then realized that I have been missing the gym (and so is my body) so I bought the bullet and signed up for the 2 year gym pass. I promise myself (and those in blogland) that I will not become one of those people who pays for the gym every month but never goes. Hold me to that promise please!!!

I am going to start trying the various classes they offer, one a week for now until I figure out which ones I like best. I am also excited to resume my weight training and try to tighten up some of the loose skin on my arms.

No new recipe for tonight but I did take a picture of the delicious salmon sandwich I made from the leftover 'Salmon Cowell' I made the other night. Yum yum. Here it is and my menu for the day (day 6 op!!!!!!!)

banana (2)
yogurt (1)
fiber one bar (2)
orange (1)
salmon (4)
darth tater (4)
fiber one bar (2)
salmon sandwich (5)
salad (1)
applesauce (4)
ww cookie (1)
pita chips (2)
salsa and ff sour cream (1)

I was two points over my daily allowance - but earned 2 AP with my DDR (I think I am addicted)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is healthy cooking???

Does that look healthy to you?? This is Darth Tater from the Eat Shrink and Be Merry cookbook. It was ooey gooey cheesy potatoey goodness for only 4 points per serving. The only problem was stopping at one serving.. but I will have a great lunch tomorrow with the leftovers. I really can't say enough good things about this cookbook - the recipes are full of flavour and fresh healthy ingredients and are really easy to make.

I had another good OP day today. I used the two activity points I earned and will probably use one of my weekly points to have an orange tonight while I watch the biggest loser.

cheerios with banana and skim milk (5)
apple fiber one bar (2)
source yogurt (1)
salmon and rice (7)
orange (1)
ww cookie (1)
pork chop (3)
darth tater (6)
peas (2)
ww cookies (2)

Five days down.. I am going to weigh in on Thursday night at a WW meeting - I hope I will be close to where I was at my last meeting wi before Christmas (211.6).

Monday, January 19, 2009

More ESBM goodness

Another OP day today (that's four in a row but who's counting?) and two more new recipes tried. After work today I made the marinade for ESBM 'Salmon Cowell' and while the salmon soaked up the yummy marinade I did an hour of Dance Dance Revolution - FUN!!!

To go with the salmon I make 'All that Jasmine' which is jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk and chicken broth. Once cooked you add some sauteed onion, fresh ginger, ground coriander, and ground ginger. The rice was delicious. The recipe also called for currents (which I didn't have) and cilantro (which I don't like).

The salmon marinade was frozen OJ concentrate, hoisin sauce (love love love), soy sauce, orange zest, and grated ginger. Then you just put it on the grill. YUM YUM YUM! A quick spinach salad with Asian dressing and my dinner was done!

I still have 5 points left for the day so I think some fat-free chocolate pudding would be just the thing to use them up. It feels so good to be back in control!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me day!!!!

Today I took a me day. I had the day off work, DH is gone back work out of town, I was alone in the house for the whole day for the first time in a month with nothing pressing to do. AAhhhhh I love days like this. I did some house work and then dusted off my poor Wii that I have been neglecting for the past month. I did an hour of DDR, I had forgotten how much fun it is and I really worked up a sweat. Then I pulled out the Wii fit and did the yoga poses, the island run and the advanced step class (35 min total activity).

I made a delicious lunch that was so simple and delicious that I just had to snap a picture. I had a salad with blood orange segments, tomato, spinach, walnuts, tomato and ff ranch dressing. I topped the whole thing with some tuna salad with fresh dill. So yummy!

I also tried a couple of new recipes from ESBM and one from a blog buddy (thanks Janet!). The first was 'Lick Your Chops' (sorry can't find a link to the recipe). The sauce is a delicious mix of ketchup, lemon, molasses, and rosemary.

I also made 'Mashed Fauxtatoes' to go with the chops. You just steam a head of cauliflower (cut into florets) until it is really soft. Then whizz in a food processor with 1/2 cup of low-fat chive cream cheese dip and 1/4 tsp of salt. I also added some chopped fresh parsley. I had to re-heat in the microwave as the whizzing cooled it down but these were fantastic, way better than I though they would be. This low point side dish will definitely be a regular on my dinner table. Here is how the whole (8 point) plate looked with a spinach salad added.

Finally I made the mini banana coconut muffins that Janetm97 posted the other day. They are really good and the perfect thing with a cup of tea to end off my evening.

Day 2 back OP

Another day OP under my belt. I made a new recipe from ESBM for dinner. Dilly Beloved was delicious. The marinade is tart and sweet at the same time and the chicken was really moist. Paired with mashed yams, it was a tasty and filling dinner.

Today's menu:
oatmeal with banana and splenda brn sugar (5)
ww oatmeal cookie (1)
orange (1)
fibre one bar (2)
yogurt (1)
turkey taco salad (5)
dilly beloved (4)
mashed yam (0)
apple sauce (4)
trail mix (8) - oops.... got close to a binge there!
orange (1)

32 points today - I was over my daily by four points (damn you trail mix!!!!) I will earn those four points tomorrow with some much needed exercise!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 1 back OP

Ahhhh one day down... so many more to go. I came home from vacation yesterday and even though I was pretty well behaved I gained 4 pounds over the past two weeks. I am getting tired of yo-yo in between 208-214 so as of today I am back to doing what I know works. Tracking my food and regular exercise. I made a menu plan for this week and bought all the groceries I need to make these healthy meals and snacks.

DH goes back to work tomorrow so I will be on my own for the next four days. I love him to death but I am looking forward to having some time on my own after him being home for three weeks straight. He is a great cook and, even though he is trying to cook healthier, sometimes his creations are not exactly WW friendly.

I did not WI officially this week but will resume going to meetings this week (after missing the last 4!) Sitting through the meetings always help motivate me a lot.

Todays menu:

banana (2)
mocha fibre one bar (2)
yogurt (1)
salad with lf dressing (3)
blood orange (1)
two turkey tacos (9)
mango sherbert (2)
light hot chocolate (2)
trail mix (3)

3 points left for the day but I have been cooking DHs meals for the week to send with him so I have been tasting here and there - so I think I am done for the night.

I can't wait to regain the feeling of control and all the energy I have after a few straight days of eating well and exercising.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Checking in from Az

DH and I are in the middle of our vaction to Arizona. We are having a great time, the weather has been nice and the drive down was pretty uneventful (considering the crazy weather the west coast has been having).

I have done very well staying OP. It helps that my mom and dad (who we are staying with) are also doing WW so their fridge is full of healthy food. I packed a cooler for the drive down and our only food stops were for dinner at subway and a splurge at Jack in the Box.

I have been having fun trying out and collecting all the WW friendly food that we can not buy in Canada. We will be coming home with a few months supply of 100 cal Swiss rolls, Oreo Cakesters, Chocolate covered pretzels, apple struesel fibre one bars, and many more. I also have discovered the delicious WW 1pt yogurts (anyone know if there are available in Canada yet?) and tons of Crystal lite flavours we dont have yet.

I have gone jogging twice, DH and I have taken a couple of power walks and we went swimming last night. Between that and the touristy activities, I feel pretty good about my acivity level. I am going to enjoy the rest of my vacation and I am looking forward to getting home and starting off this new year.... and getting back into my regular routine.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Im baaaaaaaaack!

Sorry for the long absence, I'm sure you don't need to hear all my excuses but the short version would be holidays, parties, work, family drama, the flu etc.. etc..

As expected staying OP was tough over the past three weeks. Dec 22-Dec 29 were particularly hard. I did not track at all during this week, I definitely was conscious of portion control but not necessarily what I was eating. A glass of eggnog here, a butter tart there, some gravy and stuffing, a piece of apple pie. But, there was no binging! So I will give myself a point for that!

Water consumption was low - sodium consumption was high so I saw a few scary numbers on the scale. My lowest weight so far has been 208.8 - at one point (Dec 27th I think) my scale screamed 216.8 at me!!!! Ouch!! I started getting back on track and by New Years Eve I was back down to 211. And then the plague hit my house! A nasty flu that knocked me on my ass until today. This morning the scale said 209.0 - not the best weight loss plan, but now that I am feeling better I am glad to start out the new year so close to my lowest weight in December.

I was just filling up a digital picture frame I got for Christmas and I came across a picture taken of DH and I last Christmas. Thought it would be a good time for a comparison. This is what one year and 120lbs less looks like on us!

DH and I are leaving for a two week vacation tomorrow. We are driving from BC to Arizona to visit my parents who winter down there. We are both still have squeamish stomachs from the nasty virus so I am packing our car cooler full of healthy snacks to last us the 26 hour drive down there, so we can avoid fast food and gas station temptations.

My exercise has been pretty much nil for the past three weeks as well, but I have packed my runners and gear and am so looking forward to jogging in the warm Phoenix mornings (with no snow to get in my way). I will post some pictures and an update when we are there.

In my last post I talked about what I accomplished (healthwise) in 2008. I want to write down my goals for 2009 now so I can reflect back at the end of the year.

1. I will reach Onederland - and stay there
2. I will reach my personal goal of 175lbs
3. I will complete a 5km fun run
4. I will reach my WW goal of 149lbs
5. I will fit into size medium clothes
6. I will go bungee jumping (as a reward for reaching goal)

I know what I need to do to reach these goals and I know there will be plateaus, stumbles, and hard times but I WILL tick each of these off my life list in 2009. I can't wait to see what all of you accomplish in 2009 as well!