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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WI#35 -2.6 and breaking up with Ronald!

Yay!! I'm halfway through my Wendie week so that is not the entire reason behind my good WI but it has definitely kept me on track for the past few days. This morning the scale actually read 209.8 but I decided this was the week to change my WI outfit to something more weather appropriate (and the dress I usually wear is far too big now). Seeing 209 renewed my hope that I can reach onederland by Christmas.

Today is my super high Wendie day - I'm allowed 39 points! I was thinking about what I wanted to splurge on and decided that I would hit up good old McDonald's. I ordered a McChicken meal with a diet coke. I resisted the urge to eat the fries in the car like I used to and brought the meal home. The fries smelled delicious and I was excited to taste that old familiar salty grease. The first one tasted great.. the second one was good.. the third was ok.. the fourth tasted like salt and grease. Halfway through I thought "why am I eating these, I'm not even enjoying them" I gave the rest to my dog (she deserved a treat too). The McChicken was better but I would have enjoyed a fully loaded turkey sandwich more (for half the points). So now I am enjoying a cup of dark chocolate frozen yogurt for the same points I threw away in french fries.

I'm really glad I did this. My DH really likes his McDonalds and will have it as a treat on occasion - and I am a bit bitter when I order a side salad. Now I know I can just sneak a fry or two from him and be done with it. So, Ronald McDonald all I can say is, "don't feel bad, it's not you it's me!!"


Julie said...

I love Ronald too... Way too much. I now allow us a treat once in awhile so not everyday like I did 2 yrs ago. Suck to be Ronnie! LOL

Way to go on the great loss!!!
I am loving the Wendie plan right now. It worked for me too. I am gonna keep at it for another week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just playing catch up, as I've been MIA for a couple months. Way to go on the weight loss and you look fabulous in all your pix! You should be so proud of yourself!!

SeaShore said...

Congrats on the loss and your success on the Wendie plan!

The last time I ate at Ronnie's it felt as if there was a clump of grease sitting in my stomach all day. I used to love McGriddles, now they don't love me!