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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wendie Day3

I went to bed last night with a scratchy throat.. and woke up with a full blown head cold. I dragged my butt into work but soon my employees gently prodded me to go home (so this sneezy coughy disgustingness would not pass to them). I spent the next 11 hours watching TV and napping. I just wanted ice cream and jello! Here is how my day played out:

Flax plus cereal with yogurt (3)

WW bagel with ham cheese and lettuce (5)

Apple (1)

Jello (2)

Raw veggies with ff lemon poppy seed dressing (1)

and then it went downhill as the cold medication clouded my judgement...

Individual kraft dinner bowl (normally I would never eat this) (5)

2 cups Chocolate frozen yogurt (8)

This was my 25 point allotment for the day.. and then my Sister in law showed up with a piece of chocolate cake from the family dinner I missed.. I cut it in half and then ate one half... I don't know how many points but I am guessing at least 4. So 29 points for today throws off my Wendie plan a bit - I'm going to take 2 points off tomorrow and two points off Thursday and that should even things up. My WI is tomorrow morning and I still have high hopes for a decent loss.


Anonymous said...

that would be a big NSV for me. the cutting it in half and then eating HALF!!

lets view it as that :)

heres to a great weigh in this morning.

Chrissie said...

Sorry to hear your sick. Hope you feel better soon. Sending skinny vibes to WI.