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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tired of eating out..

I have been on the road since Friday. i just go home this evening and am exhausted! I spent the weekend in Vancouver with my Sister and nieces to do some shopping and see Hairspray. I made great food choices on Friday and Saturday - chicken, salads, subway etc.. but on the ferry home on Saturday night I was so hungry and tired that I caved an had a White Spot burger (my favourite!!) and yam fries.

I went straight to Victoria and have been working there for the past three days and staying in a hotel. This meant lunch at the food court each day - I was pretty good, salad and subway again. I bought some groceries for the hotel room - grapes, cottage cheese cups, veggie tray, and some baked chips. Last night I was too tired to go back to a grocery store or go to a restaurant so I ordered a small pizza from room service - spinach, olives, mushroom and feta. I ate the whole thing :(

Today I had a yogurt parfait and plain coffee from Starbucks (6 points) Two chicken tacos from Taco Time (8 points) and then on the 3 hour drive home I had a chocolate bar (5 points) and some crispy minis (4 points). I went to pick up my dog at my brothers and they were having Turkey lasagna for dinner - I had a small piece, a tiny piece of garlic toast and about 1/2 cup of Cesar salad. I don't think I went too far over my point allowance but definitely did not meet my nutritional requirements for the day.

I just stepped on the scale and it said 212 - but my fancy scale told me that my water % is very high (hmmmm could be the pizza, baked chips, lasagna, garlic bread, and crispy minis floating in my system!!) I am going to drink a litre of water tonight and try for another 3 tomorrow before my WI tomorrow night.

My week of the Wendi plan ended on Saturday and I lost about 4lbs in that week - hopefully i have not gained any of it back. I will be trying Wendi again starting this tomorrow! I will post my WI results tomorrow night - good or bad.


Anonymous said...

for some reason always love when I get to that place.
when Ive been traveling for so long that what I CRAVE is my plain home routine foods!