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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A day for me..

I missed my WW meeting this week. There are three meetings where I live and this is the first time (except for when I am out of town) that I was not able to make any of them. I did a WI at home on Wednesday and recorded a loss of 1.2 lbs.

My blue mood has been slow to lift so I planned a day of pampering for myself today. My DH my best friend and I went to a spa this morning and I had a lovely day of pampering. This is the website for the fantastic Kingfisher Spa. We started the morning with the Hydropath which is a series of different water features that you move through - some massaging, some mineral imparting, some rejuvenating. It was fantastic! This took about an hour and then we lounged in a beautiful solarium overlooking the ocean and mountains of the Georgia Strait. We then had lunch at the gourmet restaurant on site. I had 'Wild Salmon Firecracker' - it was grilled local salmon with Asian slaw wrapped in phyllo dough. Plus a salad with raspberry vinaigrette.

After lunch my DH left and my friend and I went back to the spa. We had some time in the hot tub, steam room and mineral pool and then were taken to our appointments for Thellassotherapy body wraps. I was very nervous about this.. I have had massages and facials before but a full body scrub and wrap is something I never would have considered 55 pounds ago. For anyone who has never had a treatment like this I will give you the basics. You lay naked on a bed in a dimly lit room with a sheet over you. The esthetician then rubbed my entire body with a sea salt scrub - she very carefully manipulated sheets and towels so that my entire body was eventually worked on without feeling exposed or uncomfortable. She then repeated the process with a cooling gel. I was then wrapped in cellophane and then in blankets. the gel began to heat up and become tingly. She then gave me a mini facial and head massage. I laid there for about 20 minutes and then was unwrapped and showered off. Then lotion was applied to my entire body and the treatment was over.

All of my fears of claustrophobia, and self consciousness about my far from perfect body were completely unnecessary. It was an absolutely pleasant and relaxing experience. We left the spa around 3pm feeling calm and sleepy. My friend (who was visiting from Calgary) and I decided we would go out for a nice dinner to extend our day of spoiling ourselves. We went to my favourite bistro. I had a curry coconut chicken pasta and a Wedding Day Martini (champagne and cherry brandy). Finally we went to a coffee shop and had skinny vanilla lattes and shared a piece of cheesecake.
Today was the first day in months that I did not calculate the points for what I ate. I definitely did not overeat and I enjoyed every mouthful! I am going to count today as using all my weekly flex points and not give it another thought. I am feeling relaxed and content this evening, ready to put a smile on my face tomorrow morning and say goodbye to this blue mood for good!!!


Scale Junkie said...

WOW, I want to hang out with you at the spa!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo green right now, lol. The spa sounds like heaven!!! Keep up the good work.

JanetM97 said...

Sounds like a perfect day! (and well deserved!) :)

Chrissie said...

Looks like a great day at the spa.

Anonymous said...

way to go getting into your hoodie...I loved the idea having your small jeans on top of your starting size jeans!

You are doing amazing! Keep it up