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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WI#34 +.8

I went to my WW meeting this morning and was greeted with a gain of .8 booo!! I'm not too upset as I was seeing a smaller number all week and this afternoon TOM arrived. Plus I had my spa indulgence day and only made it to the gym twice. This week is going to be another tough one as I am in a hotel in Vancouver until Saturday. DH is passed out under the big fluffy white duvet on the king size bed as I write this right now. I bought some grapes and a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow and will find a healthy lunch in the food court (I am running a workshop at a mall tomorrow). DH and I are going out for a nice dinner tomorrow night and I already know dessert will be a challenge. I usually have no trouble saying no to sweets but I am craving chocolate like crazy today!

We are spending the day Christmas shopping on Friday so at least I will get lots of walking in. Speaking of Christmas, I usually make homemade candy to give all my employees for Christmas. The new healthy me would like lighten up the gifts this year - any ideas for something I could make that would be ok to package up a week or so before it is given??

Finally I have one more picture to post. I get so happy when someone takes a good picture of me because for years i have been cropping my photos or deleting them completely. This is my favourite one in a long time - I felt fabulous that day and I think it shows!


Anonymous said...

(braceyourself)SCREW THE TINY GAIN you look fabulous.



thats most important IMO.



Chrissie said...

Don't worry about the little gain. You look great!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

You look amazing! What an awesome picture of you! You are just glowing!

JanetM97 said...

You DO look fabulous! love the outfit and the hairdo (of course)! :)

Yes, don't sweat that little monthly blip. I also just had mine and was up (of course again) at my wi, too.

Good luck with your presentation, etc. I will be on the lookout for a recipe for you for your employee gifts.

Julie said...

You look great!!
Don't worry about the the WI, I know you'll do better next week.

Anonymous said...

Great picture and congrats on your overall weight removal journey. You should be very proud of yourself.

Ideas for Christmas year I made jars of homemade ice cream fudge topping. You can put them in little decorative jars, put little fabric circles on the top or if you're into painting, you could paint a little disc for the top. As long as you keep the jars in the fridge, you could make them up 2-4 weeks in advance without problem.