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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WI #5 -3.4lbs

I was very happy about my WI tonight, -3.4 brought my total lost over 15lbs. I had few tempting days in Vancouver for work but somehow I have found willpower I never knew I had. I had fruit and skim milk for breakfast each day, a veggie wrap or sub for lunches and I actually bought a frozen WW dinner (which I would never do at home) and ate it at the hotel so I could avoid room service. I even did an hour on the treadmill in the hotel gym. My only moment of weakness involved a big bag of baked lays... I thought I could just eat a few each evening.. yeah, pretty clear now that I can not have a big bag of chips near me.. they were all gone in about an hour!! At least they were baked, I counted them as weekly flex and then drank a ton of water to try and flush them out as quickly as possible. Interestingly at my WW meeting tonight we talked about our Red Light Foods - chips are definately mine!! My menu posting will resume tomorrow... chips will not be there!


Anonymous said...

Your doing great! Keep up the good work. Chips are not mine, but I definetly have red light foods too!

Julie said...

Good you for you!!
You are doing great!!
Chips are my weakness as well. I just can't have them in the house if I want to loose weight.

Carolyn said...

Being out of my zone always screws me up too.. My thing is COOKIES>.. mmm... gosh I could eat a TON of cookies and not think twice!
Good for you for moving on! I am always so happy to hear of peopel that indulge but move on... LOVE IT!!! Good for you!!
you're doing a kick butt job! KEep it up! and thanks for popping by my blog!