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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mambo Italiano..

DH bought me a pasta roller for Christmas. I love to cook and have been attempting over the past year to make as much home made, preservative free, fresh and healthy food as I can. I have used the roller to make pirogi dough so far but (after finally finding the authentic pasta flour) I decided to make some basic fettuccine. DH and I braved the process together, we had fun and it was much easier than we thought. Here are some pictures of the process and finished product. Delicious!!

I also made the Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes from the cover of the latest Clean Eating Magazine. I think mine look just like the magazine picture. They are really good, but stuck badly to the liners. Next time I will either spray the tins and forget about the liners, or spray the liners.


Unknown said...

I used to make home made pasta with my Italian Grandma...aww memories! :)

YEP! your cupcake looks JUST like the cover...I got my issue yesterday in the mail and drooled...and now Im reading your blog drooling too! Cupcakes for breakfast is ok right? lol

:) tj

JanetM97 said...

So cute on the couple pasta making! :) How did it taste?

The cupcakes look really good! I'd thought of making them, too, so thanks for the tips! :)

Julie said...

Your food always look perfect. Maybe you will be on the Food Network one day!

blendergrl said...

the pasta tasted delicious! We are ging to experiment with healthier versions now that we know how easiy it is. Whole wheat and spinach will be next I think.

TJ - I am having a cupcake for breakfast today!