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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After my hotel snacking induced stomach ache I regrouped and have been back OP for the past two days. I did not make it to the hotel gym but I was run off my feet working all day long and pretty much passed out at the hotel last night. I just got back home after a 3 hour drive and I am exhausted but was so excited to step on the scale and see my lowest weight to date. I weigh in tomorrow night and am hoping to see that same number on the scale at WW.

My will power was strong today - I had a full day of meetings which involved donuts, muffins, white bread sandwiches slathered in mayo, creamy pasta salad, bowls of chocolates on the tables and no diet pop (WTF!!!). I skipped the high calorie breakfast foods (had lots of coffee instead) and I had a small turkey sandwich (scraped off most of the mayo) some raw veggies and only two small chocolates. (est 8pts) for lunch. I avoided the sugary pop and juices and had bottled water. Of course I was starving after the meetings and had to grab some fast food on the drive home. I stopped and Wendy's and had the grilled chicken sandwich (7.5 pts) and a small frosty (7.5). So, I have 5 points left for this evening.

Not the best use of my points, but I stayed in the range and I am proud of myself for not giving into temptation. I'm looking forward to posting my WI results tomorrow!


F. McButter Pants said...

Glad you on the road to recovery. Sounds like you did well at meeting. I didn't know that Wendy's had anything WW friendly except the chili, which I love! I am so impressed with your weight loss so far. You beginning weight was about the same as mine when I began WW about 8 weeks ago. Kepp inspiring me!

JanetM97 said...

Yeah for the temptation avoiding! I'm trying to get back on track after my high cal Easter. *sigh*

Have fun in Victoria! One of my cousins lives there. If you see her, say "hi" ok? her name is Tracey. ;)

Good luck on the scale! hope it sticks!