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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloating.. a revelation

Last Wed I weighed 204, yesterday I was 206, today 209. I know I have been OP, this happened to me during my week of vacation and crazy exercise last month. I went back to look at the dates in my blog and it was 28 days ago.... hmmm and guess what arrived this evening??? TOM.

Bloating during TOM is probably not new to most of you but I have never had regular periods. In fact I can go many months between periods. The fact that I seem to be getting on some type of schedule, with real PMS symptoms is kind of exciting to me. I am planning on trying fertility treatments again later this year and this can only help the process.

So I will accept this temporary weight gain with a smile! But, it is amazing how much more obvious bloating is to me at 204 pounds than it was at 270 pounds.

Off to drink some water!!


JanetM97 said...

Yes, Aunt Flo is such a sweetheart, eh? Anyway I do love the weight dip when she leaves anyway!

Glad things are looking good for you in that respect, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I always gain during sucks, but it doesn't last thank gawd!

SeaShore said...

Oh, it's definitely your period starting. Mine started today, and yet I foolishly chose today to go clothes shopping! Not surprisingly, I didn't buy anything ;P

Lisa said...

bah..oh well, you figured it out and at least you know its not anything you are doing wrong!

good luck at your next weigh in!