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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cycling to solitude

Thank you for all your kind thoughts after my last post. DH is doing a bit better, still sad and angry of course. We both had the day off yesterday and decided we needed to get away from everything and work off some of the tension surrounding us. So, we hopped on our bikes and cycled 20km to a little ferry terminal, hopped on the boat and cycled our way around Denman Island. The ferry ride is only about 15 minutes but on the other side is a peaceful little island with a scattered population of retired nature lovers, artists and hippies. Being a Tuesday afternoon, we hardly saw a sole the entire time. It is a 30km ride to circle the island - at the southern tip we parked are bikes and did a 5km (round trip) hike to a lookout point and were greeted with this lovely view.

Here is a picture of me checking out the little tourist map we were given on the ferry - not that there was much chance of getting lost.

A well-earned ice cream cone while waiting for the ferry home.

Every thing considered it was a really nice day. The odometer on my bike told me we went 70km total and today my butt is telling me not to do that again for awhile! We have one day left of our 'weekend' so are headed to the lake for some relaxation and a picnic in the sun.

Thanks again for all your kind words, Our friend was a nature lover and an avid cyclist, I know he would be happy with how we chose to remember him yesterday.


Julie said...

Sounds so good! Taking some time with your loved one, thinking of someone while doing something he would be proud of. Sneaking in exercise on top of all that...fantastic!

Heidi said...

I am so envious of your ride & hike. Beautiful!

And what a wonderful way to reflect on your friend.

Hanlie said...

That sounds like the perfect way to work through something painful! It was so life-affirming!

Syl said...

looks like an amazing day! The scenery is beautiful oh and just a side note, that color green looks amazing on you.
and you are right some times we just need to get away and have a little fun, good for you guys for recognizing that.

JanetM97 said...

Love the pictures and WOW on the biking! You guys are amazing! :)

So sorry about the accident! One of my co-workers speaks for MADD because she lost her son to a drunk driver. It's such a preventable tragedy, it's so maddening!