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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A ride, a hike, and bison

This post will be all kinds of random (to quote my 14 year old niece). We did go on the bike ride on Thursday but I forgot to pack the camera. The ride was great - took about two hours and we went 26km. Could have gone longer if not for my aching butt cheeks :) We are hoping to get out for another ride today. After the ride I felt guilty for having my pup locked up in the house on such a beautiful day so we took her to a neat by nature park for an hour of easy hiking.

My new outlook on eating is going really well. My general theory is that if it didn't grow in the ground or have a mother I'm going to try my best not to eat it. Here is yesterdays menu so you can have an Idea:

Nature's Path Flax Pus Cereal

Skim Milk

Fresh Pineapple



Raw Veggies

Local Organic Dark Chocolate Raspberry bar (all natural ingredients)

Mango-Tofu smoothie (more on that later)

Grilled Salmon

Roasted Asparagus

Last night after dinner, DH and I were watching TV and his sweet tooth was calling too him. Usually I would whip up some ff pudding or dish out the frozen yogurt. Since none of those things are in the house right now I made us some smoothies - frozen mango, soft tofu and skim milk. I made it extra thick so we ate it with a spoon like ice cream.. yum yum yum!!

Finally I have a picture to share of a recent dinner. We picked up bison sausage from a local farm - gluten and additive free, extremely low in fat and only 100 cal each. They were so tasty with asparagus and 'smashed' new red potatoes.


Natasha said...

I'm a clean eating fan myself. I hope when our farmer's market starts up they have some tasty bison products there. Your sour cream cupcakes looked so good a few posts ago I had to make them too. They turned out pretty yummy.

SeaShore said...

Mmm! Asparagus! I've been roasting a lot of asparagus lately :) Love spring!