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Monday, December 1, 2008

A 24 day plan...

The holidays are fast approaching and I need to kick things into high gear. I have been eating OP all week but too many 100cal snack packs and processed foods are making me feel blah.. It is time to recommit to the things that I know will bring me success.

#1 I need to blog more often.. boring all of you with my daily menus and exercise
#2 I need to exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!
#3 Pack my lunch everyday - no eating out (even the healthier choices)
#4 Drink 3 litres of water everyday (I have struggled this week)

I have no out of town trips planned for December so no more excuses.


Ok now that I have a plan, let me tell you about the dinner DH and I had on Friday night. We went to a Seafood Buffet at a local resort (you need to click on the link to fully appreciate the menu!!) I had saved 23 points for this dinner and was excited for all the fresh seafood. It was AMAZING. I started with a big plate of salad and veggies and then I avoided all starches and stuck to salmon, crab legs, mussels, oysters, clams, and other fabulous ocean delicacies.

I was feeling very proud and a bit smug as I realized I was full and stopped eating (yay me!) I watched DH go back for another big plate full - and just sipped my water while he ate. I planned to have the sugar free blackberry mousse for dessert (because ugly planned ahead) So we headed to the dessert buffet....... and then I fell apart. Lets just say I had a chocolate truffle, Bavarian cream cake, chocolate mocha cake, blood orange mousse, deep dish apple pie and half of a sugar free black berry mousse. Now, I only had a sliver of all of these but they did fill an entire dessert plate. These were the most delicious desserts I have ever had. When I was done I was STUFFED - to the point of being in pain as we drove home.

This is the actual picture we took in the parking lot of the restaurant after the massive dinner. The expression on my face perfectly relays the feeling in my tummy!

Could have been a lot worse, but could have been a lot better. The next day it was so hard to get back on track. Some baked chips, diet coke, baked cheezies and other 'healthy crap' kept finding its way into my mouth.. I am still craving it today. I can feel myself on the edge of giving into a complete binge.. I keep telling myself that this is how people who have lost a lot of weight can gain it back quickly. I WILL BE STRONG!! I WILL BE STRONG!! I have worked too hard to let this sugar coma take over.....

My one shining OP meal of the weekend was when DH made ESBM Feast From the East again. This is so delicious, definitely a new favourite in our house.

So that is my confession, plan and pledge for the next month. I will be back tomorrow with a recap of my OP day and exercise!


Anonymous said...

HAHAH I love your picture....too funny! Sounds like you have a great plan !! Keep going girl your doing awesome!