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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding my inner farmer's wife...

So I have been trying this year to eat 'cleaner'. We have cut down on the amount of processed food we are consuming and are trying to make things fresh and homemade where ever possible. So continuing in that spirit I spent the afternoon turning my great backyard tomato harvest into cans of sauce that I can enjoy this winter. This was my first experience in canning and it was actually kind of fun. Tomorrow I am going to make cucumber relish with the mountain of cucumbers my husband picked from our plants this afternoon.

We had some friends come for dinner on Saturday night. DH caught a beautiful Salmon in the morning so we grilled it simply with lemon and olive oil. I also served roasted potatoes and asparagus. The highlight of the dinner was this Strawberry Cake I made. It is from the Barefoot Contessa's' latest book Back to Basics. The cake was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and absolutely not weight watchers friendly, but I feel like it was worth every calorie!Here are the fish DH caught that morning. We grilled up half of one for dinner and he canned the rest (I'll let you know how that worked when we sample one of the jars in a few days). He has been fishing up a storm and out freezer is full. I think I am going to borrow a friends smoker if he catches any more, I love smoked salmon!

On Sunday we went on another all day bike ride. We went along an ocean route heading up Vancouver Island to Miracle Beach/Saratoga Beach near Campbell River. It was a great day of riding, I felt strong! When we finally got home we had ridden 68km and burned almost 2000 calories. Here is a picture of Miracle beach.. beautiful!!


Unknown said...

That cake was picture perfect! :)

Good job on the bike ride!!! :)

Mrs. S. said...

I helped my sister can for the first ever this last weekend. It was a good experience. I think next year I might try my hand at it or chip in with her on stuff.

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