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Sunday, August 9, 2009

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Another day, another picture collage of my evening walk with my favourite girl. She is always smiling or sniffing so I had to get pictures of her doing both. Does anyone know what the orange plant is close to the bottom of the collage. The blooms were like little paper lanterns.. so pretty, I want this for my garden. My food today has been good, we are leaving on Tuesday for a three day camping trip so I am making a list of healthy meals to make while at the lake.. thanks to my blog I can look back at the trip we made last year and get some inspiration for the grocery list.
Hope you are not too bored with the pictures, whatever makes exercise more fun!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was reading a blog last week (sorry I can't remember which one) and to get motivated the writer took pictures during her daily walk and then posted them. I found it really interesting to have a glimpse into her walk, and since I love to take pictures; I thought I would do the same.
So here is the first installment of the sites of my evening walk (click picture to enlarge). Included are the strange winding path, blackberry bushes, the marsh where the scary Blue Heron hangs out, the storm brewing in the sky, some lovely flowers and my house as I rounded the corner on the way back.
Today was day two of counting points for me and I did good here is the menu du jour:
breakfast: flax cereal with soy milk and agave (4)
snack: baked chips (4)
lunch: shrimp and veggie rice (6) raw veggies (0) apple (1) yogurt (1)
dinner: tuna melt with tomato (8)
snack: smoothie with berries and soymilk (4)
The most exciting news of all is that I went to the gym last night after work!!!!! I barely remembered how to get there it has been so long. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes of free weights and 15 minutes of situps/pushups with the ball.
I feel my mojo coming back............ fingers crossed!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heat Wave

There has been a ridiculous heat wave burning through my edge of the country and we were hit with temperatures between 35-40 degrees for about 6 days. We are not used to that kind of heat and dry weather, and it zapped any energy I had. I did not cook a proper meal or do any active exercise during that time. The weather has cooled a little in the past couple of days and I am trying to get back on track. The week of eating out and laying in front of the fan for hours caused me to gain 4 pounds. I am done with whining about my stalled weight loss efforts.. its time to make myself accountable again.
Yesterday DH and I went on a 40km bike ride through some trails, down to the ocean and then some highway riding. My cardio is starting to slip from lack of strenuous exercise and I really felt those 40km.
Onto something more positive.. my garden is doing fantastic! Here are some pictures of some of the fresh veggies I have been enjoying straight from my backyard.

Purple Haze and Rainbow Carrots


Swiss Chard

We picked up a big box of blueberries the other day so for the first time in a few weeks I pulled out my cookbooks and made some healthy goodies. Blueberry Crisp from Eat Shrink and Be Merry and Blueberry Muffins from Hungry Girl 200 under 200.

I am going to start taking this one day at a time (really one meal at a time) for this week. My plan is to use up the protein in my freezer and the veggies in my garden, no going out or grocery store visits until Monday. Hope you are all doing well.. Im off to visit your blogs for some inspiration!