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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I would like to thank the academy....

Thanks Natasha for this blog award! Instructions are to copy these 35 questions and fill them in with the answers that suit you then pass it on to 6 favorite bloggers (notify them that you've given them an award!)

35 Questions:

1)Where is your cell phone? - plugged in on the bathroom counter

2)Your hair? -dyed

3)Your mother?- fun

4)Your father?- smart

5)Your favorite food?-spicy

6)Your dream last night?-forgotten

7)Your favorite drink?-milkshake from Peter's in Calgary

8)Your dream/goal?-to be a mom

9)What room are you in?- living room

10)Your hobby? bike riding, cooking

11)Your fear? car accidents

12)Where do you want to be in 6 years? still living here!

13)Where were you last night?-at home canning salsa

14)Something that you aren't?-negative

15)Muffins?-not worth the calories

16)Wish list item?-No debt

17)Where did you grow up? Vancouver Island

18)Last thing you did? put in a load of laundry

19)What are you wearing?-cotton dress

20)Your t.v.?-small

21)Your pets?- adored

22)Friends?- cherished

23)Your life? stabalizing

24)Your mood?content

25)Missing someone? hubby

26)Vehicle? little cute grey

27)Something your not wearing? Socks/shoes

28)Your favorite store? William Sonoma

29)Favorite color? Orange

30)Last time you laughed? today at work

31)Last time you cried? Tonight watching Biggest Loser

32)Best friend? Patrick/Darla

33)One place that I go to over and over? my sister's house

34)One person who emails me regularly? Dana, Hubby

35)Favorite place to eat? my dining room when DH is cooking

Seven people I will pass this on to:


Julie said...

Thanks ;)

big_mummy said...

someone else mentioning peters in calgary!!! my friend said she will take me through the drive thru and get burger, onion rings and milkshake!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for passing on the award to me...I did this a few posts ago so I dont wanna bore anyone to death with a repeat of a ME ME ME...but go peek at my answers if you wanna :)

Your STILL canning salsa? Man you had a lotta tomatoes! lol :)

JanetM97 said...

awwww! Thanks chum! :) Your blog is fabulous and you are an inspiration. Just saying!

I will do it tomorrow, ok? since I finally finished my blog post for the evening and now must go and rest. ;) Have a great weekend!

JanetM97 said...

Hey You! Hope things are going well! I'm trying to get back to somewhat regular posting. Please try to come back, too. Wouldn't be the same without you! :)