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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 clean days and counting..

Why is this so hard right now? I spent 12 months eating healthy food and exercising regularly and lost 60 pounds. I have spent the last 6 months kind of on plan and have lost only 10 pounds. In the last two weeks I have eaten things that I never allowed in my mouth during my year of 'healthy only' and apparently I have decided that a day is not complete without some form of full fat full sugar chocolate involved. On a positive note I really feel that I have conquered the portion control demon that has plagued me my whole life, I understand what a 'portion' looks like and keep my meals in check. My issue is with the extras that keep creeping in, a handful of chocolate chips, extra raisins on my morning cereal, small ice cream at DQ, bag of baked chips in the afternoon (every afternoon??) extra glass of milk before bed. None of these things are leading to binges but they add up enough to keep my weightloss stagnant.

I think I was getting frustrated with my plateau.. I was doing everything right and stopped losing so I figured I might as well have some little treats so the lack of weight loss had some benefit (wow that is a messed up idea.... hmmm I think a lightbulb just went off!!). The exercise has also fallen off track.. I used to love going to the gym, swimming, yoga class etc... now (other than the biking) I have not done any of those things in weeks. Time to suck it up and get back to where I was. This morning I weighed 205.6... why am I sabotaging my trip to onederland..

Sorry for the rambling post, just trying to sort out my mental state. Life really is good right now, having a fun summer, enjoying time with DH I just need to kick my butt into gear on the weightloss front.



Unknown said...

well said- I can tell you are focused and ready to jump back into it! Good job! :)

Food Coma said...

Unfortunately I have no real answer to offer, but I hear you. I have been there, when you get so close to a goal that when it doesn't happen right away you sabotage yourself. I just wanted you to know I feel your pain but you can do it! Onerland here you come!

sara said...

your 60 lbs inspire me. In college I went from 305 to 201 and for some reason I could not accept getting any lower and I put i ALL back and then some. now i'm back at it and determined to see this through...and people like YOU inspire me!

Miz said...

it really is, IMO, all about doing everything you can (as you are) and keeping that last sentence as a full on CHANT IN YOUR HEAD.
the backdrop to all that you do.

cheering you on from TX,


SeaShore said...

I eat a lot of things now that I didn't when I first started WW. I figure that's life, and I'd better adapt to it! I never intended to give up anything forever.

Every so often now I find it hard to resist just eating nonstop. Something about summer and holidays that screams EAT! to me. It's especially hard when the scale doesn't cooperate. I think if you can build on those 2 clean days and see a loss that you'll find some of that old dedication come back.

Lately I've been telling myself: Just because I want it doesn't mean I have to have it.

You've done really well so far! Good luck.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

I just came across your site today and i wanted to say that you are sooo pretty! Every time I lose 60 lbs (I have done it about 5 times) i get bored. Maybe try finding something you enjoy doing or take up something new in your life to kick start your efforts again. Anyway, congrats on what you have lost so far!

- Lisa

butterfly said...

I hear ya! I've been going through the same. Sometimes we get a little cocky... I'd have my moments when I'd weigh in, and be so thrilled that I lost weight cause I had eaten Mcdonalds that week. Felt like I cheated the system! Gotta break the habit and know what you want. Food is what's between us and our goals!